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Ski Jumping at the Olympics!

Ski Jumping at the Olympics!


This was a small research thing I thought would bring some winter olympics into CLN culture.

Ski jumping is a very fun looking sport where the people are wearing those stiff-looking pants and they sit on a bar and slide down a track, into the air, and then land on the ground. They are given points for stability, landing, flight position, and how far they go.

  1. In-run

    1. Skiers bend over into the REEEEE run position, pointing their palms to the sky with their arms back. This is done to reduce drag, and increase speed, like a racecar or airplane.

  2. Take-off

    1. The slope is angled downwards, but goes up a little bit towards the end. Skiers stand up more towards this part where they kinda jump off the track and go into the fly position.

  3. Flight

    1. Once they are in the air, Olympians make their skis into the shape of a V. Competitors often make their body stiff and flat, like an airplane wing. They fly using the lift and momentum that they have gained from the track to gain distance. The V shape became popular after research in the 1980s showed that it increased lift.

  4. Landing

    1. Skiers try their best to delay landing onto the snowy slope until the last second to get as much distance as possible. Points are awarded for how far players land past the K-Point, a line used to determine points.

  5. Out-Run

    1. Skiers are awarded points for stability and style until they pass the fall line, the line that indicates the players time is done and no more points can further be awarded.

Image at top provided by USA Ski Team and image in red above provided by the economist magazine.

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