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Super Star Songs?

Super Star Songs?

Reviewing the Song “Sweden” By C418

The song “Sweden” is a music track designed for the popular game Minecraft. C418, also known as Daniel RosenFeld worked with Mojang, Minecraft’s owner, to make the music for the game. The song “Sweden” is probably the 2nd most known song from Minecraft, with in 1st place the Minecraft theme song. Sweden is also known as a very relaxing song. Some adults say they even cry from the song. Personally, I would give this song a 6 out of 5 because IT IS AWESOME. The cover art is fantastic, bringing out the game itself to the music.

Here is the link to the song “Sweden” on Soundcloud

I also have a remix of this song that makes it a little bit more sad, but EVEN BETTER.

If you enjoyed the song I picked, leave a comment down below and give me your personal rating.


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Apr 01, 2021


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