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Songs For A New Era

Songs For A New Era

By Lela S. <3<3<3<3<3

Do you sometimes feel like you’re someone completely different? Are you entering a new stage in your life? Has some mind-blowing, brain-mutilating discovery changed you? Or are you simply looking for a few new songs to add to your playlist? Whatever the case, here are ten songs that I recommend for the start of a new era.

10. Life By The Sea - Tubbo

This song is a happy, upbeat tune by a Minecraft YouTuber. It’s controversial, though: some people enjoy it while others don’t. I chose this one because it’s about living and loving your life, and getting past the difficulties that may be present.

Day by day, puttin' on a brave face (hey)

Playing games, taking pain straight away (woo)

Maybe made mistakes, but it's a-ok (wait)

We all need to take a break (hey)

If I'm gonna be honest, I need a little space to breathe

And I'm living and loving my life by the sea

If I'm gonna be honest, I need a little bit of a breeze

And I'm living and loving my life by the sea

9. Roadtrip (ft. PmBata) - Dream

By another Minecraft YouTuber, this bittersweet song talks about reminiscing about the good old days, but also moving on and making space for the future. The melody is creative, however, Dream uses quite a lot of autotune, so he might be difficult to recognize.

20 hours in an old van

Up the east coast, through the cold wind

Drove 20 hours by the ocean

Up the east coast, what a road trip

Now that interstate is paved with memories

Of a past life I lived when I was 18

And evеry winter, I think back to what we used to bе

In that past life we lived at 18

8. Happier - Olivia Rodrigo

Sad and happy at the same time, I wasn’t sure this song exactly belonged in the Songs For A New Era article. Nevertheless, I decided to add it, since it’s a song about moderately moving on?

And I thought my heart was attached

For all the sunlight of our past

But she's so sweet, she's so pretty

Does she mean you forgot about me?

Oh, I hope you're happy, but not like how you were with me

I'm selfish, I know, I can't let you go

So find someone great but don't find no one better

I hope you're happy, but don't be happier

7. You All Over Me - Taylor Swift

Again, like the previous song, You All Over Me talks about moderately moving on, but still remembering the good times that you went through in the past.

I lived, and I learned

Had you, got burned

Held out, and held on

God knows, too long

And wasted time, lost tears

Swore that I'd get out of here

But no amount of freedom gets you clean

I've still got you all over me

6. What’s Next - Drake

This song talks about making changes, and wondering what’s next in your life. However, the majority of the lyrics of What’s Next don’t exactly… make sense… at least to me?

I'm makin' a change today, the liquor been takin' the pain away

I heard you was givin' your chain away, that's kinda like givin' your fame away

What's wrong with you? I sit in a box where the owners do

A boss is a role that I've grown into

I love you to death, but I told you the truth

I can't just be with you and only you

5. Part Of Me - Katy Perry

No other song can represent me as well as Part Of Me. Katy Perry’s strong and empowering voice sings about the bittersweet events before the song, and later on, growing strong and proving them wrong. (That rhymes???)

Days like this, I want to drive away

Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade

You chewed me up and spit me out

Like I was poison in your mouth

You took my light, you drained me down

But that was then and this is now

Now look at me

This is the part of me

That you're never gonna ever take away from me, no

4. Heat Waves - Glass Animals

In my opinion, this song belongs less in the Songs For A New Era, but it does talk about the past, and moving on, and that’s why I added it to this article.

Road shimmer

Wiggling the vision

Heat heat waves

I'm swimming in a

Sometimes, all I think about is you

Late nights in the middle of June

Heat waves been faking me out

Can't make you happier now

3. Test Drive - Ariana Grande

From my point of view, I relate this song to starting my first day in high school, which is a whole new era. Starting from 2018 (yes, before COVID), I worked for hours at a time to pass the admission test. Three years later (one month ago), I took a deep breath as I walked through the doors. This song describes exactly how I felt.

No, I don't feel the need to test drive nothing

Test drive nothing

Baby, I'm sold on you

So I don't ever gotta tеst drive nothing (oh, oh-oh)

Test drive nothing (my baby)

It's in thе way you do it, I don't ever gotta baby


Like the last song, I associate this one to my new life as a high school student. It’s a new era, and I’m pretty much done with my elementary school stuff. I work hardcore on homework, I’ve been making new friends, I’m busy 24/7…

I got layers to me

I got plans, I got goals, I got tricks up my sleeve

I got calls, I got deals, I got people to meet

I got drive, I got soul, I got everything (ayy)

I got scars, I got heart, I got family to feed (woah)

I got people mad, I ain't who they want me to be (ayy)

I got people I don't know tellin' me what I need (ayy)

Yeah, I got loved ones sayin' that they prayin' for me

1. As a bonus, if you enjoyed LAYERS, you can take a look at a Bedwars edit by (SHOUTOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!) Illusiqn, also known as Nitelyn!

Thanks so much for reading! If you’re looking for more music to listen to, try Tay’s Super Star Songs series.

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