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Song Review: Muffin by BadBoyHalo, CG5 & HyperPotions (ft. Skeppy & CaptainPuffy)

Song Review: Muffin by BadBoyHalo, CG5 & HyperPotions (ft. Skeppy & CaptainPuffy)

By Lela S. <?

“Oh my gosh, I love you?????”

On the 2nd of November, BadBoyHalo, one of CLN’s most loved YouTubers, released his debut song. It’s called Muffin, which is a sweet reference: in place of swear words, to keep his content family-friendly, he substitutes the word “muffin”. This article is a review of one of the most wholesome songs I’ve ever heard.

Music video

As you can see from the thumbnail of this article, the music video was minutely edited. It’s a Minecraft YouTuber party where a lot of pastries are getting thrown around. Every character has their own personality in the video and they are animated accordingly. No detail is left unnoticed: for example, at 1:00, Bad hands a KitKat (sorry) that fits perfectly in Minecraft to CG5 while singing, and he cleanly snaps it in two. A few seconds later, George is seen telling Dream something (calling all DNF supporters) and giving him a golden apple, but Dream throws it in the trash and storms off.

However, I find that it’s a little bit cringe. The definition of this almost exclusively Gen-Z word more than a little undefined, but generally, you could say that it seems… cringe? Yes, the video is good quality, but the theme is… cringe. Just cringe. (Help me find a better definition for this word in the comments!)


The lyrics of this song talk about innocent and wholesome love. It incorporates various dessert innuendos, like “'Cause I got a Candy Crush on you”, and She an angel, like a food cake”. As well as that, it’s cute to see all of the references to the YouTubers themselves, like “Got a halo and I'm lookin', like a double take” and “I could speak your language (Language!)”.

Just like the music video, though, there are multiple verses that I don’t like AT ALL. If you read them, you’ll see why.

[Verse 3: CaptainPuffy]

I've been looking in a jar full of jellybeans

Fly me to the Moon Pie up in Tennessee

Baby, I'll find you, yeah, we were meant to be

With a Ring Pop, I'll get down on one knee, marry me (Mwah)

[Verse 4: BadBoyHalo, CG5 & CaptainPuffy]

Willy Wonka, Willy Willy Wonka

I'ma be your chocolatier (Hypa)

Oompa loompa, doompity doo

You're the one I need, so have no fear (Ay-ya-ya-ya)

Can I call you mine? Be my valentine, the one of my dreams

Let me kiss you, like Hershey's (Woah-oh-oh)

I don’t really mind the third verse. CaptainPuffy’s rap-voice is surprisingly catchy, and that makes up for the lyric “With a Ring Pop, I’ll get down on one knee, marry me (Mwah)”.

But the fourth verse is another story. I completely and utterly despise it.

The first four lyrics of this verse are references to the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, a book that was actually interesting for me… in grade two. Yes, I read it in second grade, and back then, it was one of my favorite books. In comparison, I’m in seventh grade now, and I read books such as Ready Player One. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious why I shudder in disappointment whenever I hear these lyrics.

The fifth lyric is okay, but life is not a love song, and I simply shake my head whenever I hear this, because no.

The sixth lyric is not much better than the fourth one. I love Hershey’s chocolates, but this lyric is a reference to Hershey’s Kisses, the worst candy ever. Why, you may ask? No, you may not. I strongly dislike them and that is the end of the story.

My final weigh-in

In my opinion, factoring in both the music video and the lyrics, I rate this song a 3.5 out of 5. To improve the song and augment my rating, I would recommend some more mature (as in, nothing to do with a six-year-old’s favorite book).

Thank you for reading!

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