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Song Review: Feel Like **** - Tate McRae

Song Review: Feel Like **** - Tate McRae

By Lela S. <3

I couldn’t find a clean version of the music video, so here is the clean lyric video and the link for the explicit music video will be available at the bottom of this article.

On November 11, 2021, pop sensation Tate McRae released a new single, Feel Like ****. Tate McRae isn’t one of my favorite artists (for example, you broke me first is depressing). However, this song is a little more attracting, and it’s a song that has earned its place in my “complete” playlist. Because of this, I think Tate McRae’s latest masterpiece deserves an honest review on CLN.

Music video

The music video is detailed and well written, starring McRae alongside actor and dancer Mason Cutler, with the two portraying servers at a restaurant. They dance together in a creative but increasingly mixed-up fashion. The video reaches a climax when Cutler begins smashing plates, and the two increasingly use each other’s bodies as props to dance over the broken ceramic. To be honest, it’s interesting, but it doesn’t really move me.


Now, the lyrics are the part of the song that really inspire me. She sings the chorus with such raw and vulnerable emotion.


Last night for the very first time

You didn't even try to call

Oh I, I, won't lie

I thought I might die

I couldn't even sleep at all

And maybe I'll get used to it (Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah)

But right now I just feel like shit (Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah)

Oh, oh

As well as that, I can visualize the scenes depicted in the lyrics:


And I still have the shirt that you wore when we first met

It's there on the floor, I might kick it under the bed

Hopin' that I could forget that

My final weigh-in

Honestly? I like this song, and it’s part of my “complete” playlist, which is already a pretty honorable title, but I have to say… it’s average. It doesn’t stand out to me like other songs there, such as “3 Nights”, which I love because of it’s imagery, beat, and relatableness. Feel Like ****, on the other hand, has pretty average lyrics, a sad beat, and almost no relatability whatsoever (at least, for me). Because of this, I rate this song a 3/5.

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