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Series review the babysitters club

Series review the babysitters club - By Elena

The babysitters club is a known comic book started by Raina Telgemeier. I read all 9 babysitters club books here are the titles of all 9 books

1 Kristy’s great idea (By Raina Telgemeir)

2 The truth about Stacey (By Raina Telgemeir)

3 Mary Anne saves the day (By Raina Telgemeir)

4 Claudia and mean Janine (By Raina Telgemeir)

5 Dawn and the impossible three (By Gale Galligan)

6 Kristy’s big day (By Gale Galligan)

7 Boy-crazy Stacey (By Gale Galligan)

8 Logan likes Mary Anne (By Gale Galligan)

9 Claudia and the new girl (By Gabriela Epstein)

Personally my favorite was maybe Boy-crazy Stacey but also Kristy’s big day.

So now I am gonna tell you the episode names:

Episode 1: Kristy’s great idea

A creative concept comes to life as Kristy starts a club with her best friends and a new classmate. But is she ready to be a team leader?

Episode 2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

The spooky spirit of Halloween sweeps through Stoneybrook. Meanwhile, Claudia explores budding romance and struggles to connect with her parents

Episode 3: The Truth About Stacey

As competition heats up for the BSC, Stacey attempts to hide a personal secret and revisits a painful event from her past.

Episode 4: Mary Anne saves the day

After dealing with a major dad dilemma, Mary Anne makes a dynamic new friend. Later, a medical emergency puts her caretaking skills to the test.

Episode 5: Dawn and the impossible three

To prove herself to the BSC, Dawn agrees to babysit for a family of rowdy kids. Can she keep up with the mischief and mayhem?

Episode 6: Claudia and mean Janine

A family emergency triggers an emotional feud between Claudia and her older sister. Elsewhere, Mary Anne works to hide her feelings.

Episode 7: Boy-Crazy Stacey

Mary Anne and Stacey team up for an out-of-town job: babysitting kids at the beach. But a cute new crush challenges business and friendship

Episode 8: Kristy’s big day

Stoneybrook delights in a day of glitz and glamour as Kristy’s mom prepares for a big day. Later, Kristy hits a major milestone, much to her surprise.

Episode 9: Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 1

The BSC braves the great outdoors at a summer sleepaway camp, where they explore archery,theater,activism… and a dash of chilling mystery

Episode 10: Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2

As Stacey deals with a new normal, Kristy leads a crucial search, Dawn and Claudia start a revolution, and Mary Anne finds her place in the spotlight.

So here there is also a recap of the episode so you see which one seems the most interesting if you would like to watch this series.

I hope you enjoyed my article!

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