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See you in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng Book Review

See you in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng Book Review

By ScrollWriterEli

I haven’t published an article for a long time but I am officially or unofficially back! :D

Today I decided to talk about a book named See you in the Cosmos.

This article is going to be short but, I hope you enjoy it.

The book is about the recordings of a young boy called Alexander Petroski. He wants to send his recordings to space with a rocket. He has a dog named Carl Sagan he found doing shopping for his mum. He named the adorable baby dog. (baby because it acts like one not in the bad way tho) Anyways, the whole book talks about him searching for his dad (who apparently died), finding his half-Terra aka sister. Yeah, don’t ask me why bc her half-sister thinks it’s weird calling her sister. But his life is not perfect, his mom has a disease, trying to find new sounds for his recorder, his adventurous story ends in a way I don’t really like but overall IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!!

(-I don’t like the ending bc there are too many loose ends-)

Thank You Guys Soo Much!!

Sincerely yours,


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