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Roblox Game Review: The Sinking of Greyrock

Roblox Game Review: The Sinking of Greyrock


The Sinking of Greyrock is a game by McGreystone where the point of the game is to survive the sinking of the ship where water enters the Storage Hull and the ship is sinking! You play with up to 30 people, 4 lifeboats, some floating tables and chairs, and a deadly sinking ship. It contains a bridge (Captain control room), engine room, storage, library, cabins, a big deck and a luxurious dining area. These rooms are so nice and realistic but you can only enjoy them for a certain time TIL THE SHIP IS SLIPPING UNDER THE WAVES IN A FOGGY SKY. Okay okay, let’s actually start the review.

I like when the ship sinks, the smokestack tips over to give a dramatic effect that sends waves that flips over some of the lifeboats. I like how realistic it is and all the space inside of the ship. My favorite effect about the realistic part is that the furniture floats in the water making it dramatic and more realistic with tables and chairs scattered across the water. Why, you could play some parkour after the ship sunk and there is nothing to do except hopping from chair to lifeboat to table to the blue present that used to be on the table (in the picture above). I recommend this game to people who want to have a simple but fun survival/adventure game to play. Have fun!

Here is the link to the Roblox game

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