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My 2nd Awesome Roblox video!

Updated: May 1, 2021

My 2nd Awesome Roblox video!

By Elena

Note: this video was edited by our new CLN editor, Electrode! Hope you like it!

Hey guys! Today I am gonna show you my second roblox video and also if you haven't looked at the video yet, you should know that I am also gonna do a debate in this article. So you guys should know that you should watch the video before doing the debate so you understand more what the video is about. Before I show you guys the link, I will show you the pictures of the stuff of each theme that I wanted.

So this is the picture for the retro aquatic theme:

And these are the pictures for the mermaid theme:

And this is the picture for the cute theme:

And finally here are the pictures of the party theme:

So these were the picture and here is the link for the debate!

I hope you liked my article and the video! Bye guys!

This article was made by: Ellie Alan

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1 Comment

Jun 12, 2021

Love it! Keep on making these awesome videos!

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