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How to make your own Roblox Obby Part 1!

How to make your own Roblox Obby Part 1!


Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. I was busy making a Roblox Obby! And I will teach you how to make your own! If you love obbies, this will be the perfect article to learn how to make one. If you want to see my Animal Crossing Island Obby, Here is the link: If you have made your own Roblox game and want us to feature you by making a review article, email us at CookyLela News or leave a chat down below. Like this article.

Let’s start!

Note: This will require you to have a Roblox account and Roblox Studio downloaded. This will only work on Mac, PC, and Windows. Consoles, Kindles, Phones, Tablets, and other mobile devices will not work if trying to build an obby or any roblox game.


Every Obby needs a theme, even before you open up Roblox Studio. I chose Animal Crossing because it is one of my favorite games. Pick something simple like space, forest, or ocean. This will determine what your obby may look like, what items are in your obby, and who will play your obby. If you are doing a space obby, you might have a planet with aliens instead of a plain with animals. Audience is also a huge factor. You may want to do something that not only appeals to you, but to many other players out there. If you have no absolute idea on what to select or on what your theme is, play some of your personal favorite obbies or just type obby into the Roblox search bar and play a few of the popular ones to get an idea.

Opening up Roblox Studio:

Roblox Studio is the game creator area for people who are just starting to code or are making professional games such as Jailbreak, Adopt Me, or Natural Disaster Survival. To open Roblox Studio on Windows, push the Windows button on your keyboard or push the windows icon on your computer in the bottom left of your screen.

Push the Windows button. You will get a screen that looks like this:

If Roblox Studio was recently added, click on it at the recently added area. If it is not, scroll down where all your apps are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the letter R. Click on Roblox Studio. Whenever switching between Roblox Studio and your web browser for reading this article, go to your bottom bar at the bottom next to your search bar and click the icon.

In Roblox Studio:

Once you are in Roblox Studio, Click on one of the baseplate options.

I recommend starting your obby from scratch rather than using the obby template because you get a feel on how to make your own game. Plus, it is easier to move things around.

Starting your Obby:

Once you have picked your baseplate, you can start out your obby! But first, you need a spawn point. To do that, navigate to the Roblox Studio Toolbox on the top bar.

The Toolbox is a bunch of free, community created pieces that you can put in all sorts of games. When you open up the toolbox, the first thing you should see is a spawn pad with an orange shield on the corner. This shield indicates that it is safe and does not make players pay robux or lag your game.

Spawn it in by clicking on it. We have the start of our obby! But the spawn might not be in the area where we want it. So, we will move it. To do that, navigate to these 4 buttons.

This is what they mean:

  • Select- To select things and move them around quickly. This can also be used to select an item to code!

  • Move- a more precise way to move things around on your map.

  • Scale- a way to make some items bigger or smaller.

  • Rotate- to rotate the object.

Move your spawn point wherever you want.

Now we will focus on the obby levels. You can either make your own or use the toolbox to find some items. To make your own click on the part button, right next to the toolbox. The tiny arrow below can change what item you want by clicking on it. Click the part button for the shape.

Keep on adding parts to keep making your own obstacles. If you want to change the color, click the color button, which is next to the material button. The material button is for changing the material of a block. Examples are stone, concrete, glass, brick, or ice.

Those are the basic things to make a game! Part 2 will come out soon!

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