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How to make 3 different campfires in 5 easy steps

How to make 3 different campfires in 5 easy steps


A campfire is essential to having a real campout, plus s’mores, which are both recommended in the 42 things to do in Summer. Well today, I’m going to teach you the proper but easy way to make a campfire. Let’s start!


  • matches, lighter, etc.

  • Wood

    • Kindling (Small twigs, pinecones, pine needles, bark, dry leaves, etc.)

    • Tinder (Small sticks, Smaller chunks of wood, etc.)

    • Wood (Large sticks, Chopped wood (using an ax), etc.)

  • Small Bucket of Dust/Sand or water.

  • Area to light fire (Fire pit or dirt/sandy area with a stone circle)

  • Other Optional Items

    • Fire Starter Squares

    • Dryer Lint (lights on fire easy, therefore a good fire helper)


I’m going to teach you to make two different fires in five easy steps. The Teepee (pictured above) and the Log Cabin. Let’s start!


When putting out a fire, I recommend using the dust/sand bucket because it can save the okay wood for later. If you wet it, you will have to wait for it to dry out, plus it is all slushy. If you are using a metal fire pit, use dust/sand because it might rust if using water and pour it out after.


  • Take your kindling/ fire starters and put it in the middle of your fire area.

  • Next, take your tinder and make a small teepee around your kindling.

  • Put the wood around as a big teepee. Leave an entrance to your teepee so you can easily light your fire and it can breathe and let smoke out. Your teepee should look like this.

  • Light your fire through your opening/entrance.

  • Put out with a dust/sand or water bucket when done.

Log Cabin

  • Take your big sticks and arrange them so they look like this.

  • Make sure the stick stack goes from largest to smallest.

  • Once you are done with the stick stack, put your kindling/fire starters inside your cabin.

  • Light your fire through a gap towards the bottom. Remember, fire goes up. Your setup should look like this.

  • Put it out using your dust/sand or water bucket.


When making this fire, make the teepee and the log cabin a safe size to make sure the fire does not get too big and out of control.

  • Build your teepee (instructions above)

  • Build a log cabin around it (instructions above)(This also may require bigger sticks)

  • Lights it. It may be a little harder to light it because of the log cabin, but try your best!

  • End result:

  • Put it out with your dust/sand or water bucket.

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