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How To Create The Perfect Christmas List

How To Create The Perfect Christmas List

By Lela S. <3

This year, we can’t wait for the holidays. It’s almost December and there’s no snow outside. Temperatures haven’t even descended to negative yet! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty fed up with this weather, and I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. With Christmas comes a lot of things: hanging out with family, staying home and playing video games, good food, and, inevitably, presents. This article will tell you all about how to create the perfect Christmas list!

1. Start early

Starting your Christmas wish list early is a must. It gives you time to think about what you want, and it gives your family time to shop for the perfect gift. Currently, at the time of writing, it’s November 21, 2021. I’m halfway done with the writing of my list on a Word document, but almost all of my friends have already finished their lists (ahem, Lea, what’s the purpose of writing a Christmas list in August). The earlier, the better!

2. Write down everything that you want

By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. To make the optimal wish list, don’t only write down your most practical needs, but make sure to include the most luxurious wants you could ever wish for (Daddy if you’re reading this, MVP++ pleeeeeeeeeeeease). While you might think that nobody in your family would get it for you, you may be surprised.

3. Do your research

To make it less confusing, it’s always best to do a bit of research on the items that you would want, and note it down accordingly. Who makes the item? How much is it? Do you know any one who owns it? Could you describe it? Those are the kinds of questions you should answer in your list. For example, if I wanted a Minecraft Lunar cape, I would list the Lunar website, the cost ($12.50), a picture of the cape, and the fact that our editor Electrode has a similar one.

4. Spice it up

If you choose to make your list on paper, go for it! Add Christmas colors, photos of the items, whatever you would like to make the list pop. For me, I choose to type it out on a Word document so that I can organize everything, facilitate the addition of information, and add the links to where the items can be bought. Whatever you choose to do, make your list stand out.

5. Present it in style

When you choose to present your Christmas list, if you’re not sure about when and how, take a look at this quote:

Still not helping? Let me explain it. If you have strict parents, you can talk to them a little about it or drop hints. For example, since my parents check my emails every now and then, I emailed myself a screenshot of one of the things in my list, titling the email “SUPER SECRET EMAIL”. After sending it, I refreshed my email once. The email was unread. I refreshed it again. The email was marked as read. A few minutes later, I refreshed my email again. The email was once again unread. (Don’t get it? My dad read my email, but pretended not to LOLLLL)

Thank you guys so much for reading!

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