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How to create Minecraft Ruins

How to create Minecraft Ruins


Ruins were added to make the world of minecraft more fun, adventurous, and real. Ruins such as the ocean ruins, abandoned village, shipwreck, and the jungle temple are some ruins.( I wouldn’t count the desert temple because of its condition.) Ruins often spawn mobs and villager zombies. Beware and make sure you fight those off if you will go into one. There can also be traps. The desert temple has a pressure plate at the bottom where the loot (it explodes) is and the jungle temple I think does the same. Many ruins can be found if you just search in their biome, with most abandoned villages spawning in the grasslands and the acadia forest.

Ruins can make a build look more aesthetic and interesting. It also kinda gives it a story. Using the various blocks offered for aging, the (mossy) cobblestone and the (chiseled, cracked, mossy) stone bricks. These are mostly everything you need, since most ruins use stone. These blocks don’t have to be used to make abandoned buildings and sculptures, they can be used to make castle walls look aging and ancient, and make buildings look older, without being completely rubble.

Make a wall in a house look old by finding the middle spot. Now take any block and place it anywhere on one side. When you use that block again, make sure it isn’t in the same place. You just want to not put the same blocks together and you call it a day. Make sure you use different blocks and experiment which styles you like best.

Some blocks to use when making ruins

  • (mossy) cobblestone (stairs)

  • (chiseled, cracked, mossy) stone bricks/stairs

  • Gravel

  • Iron bars

  • Concrete powder ( best to use this when making colorful builds in rubble but gray is best)

  • Different types of stone

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