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How Do I Win Bed Wars In Minecraft?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

How Do I Win Bed Wars In Minecraft? - By Felicia

EDIT: I wrote this when I was an 8 star in Bedwars. Now I'm a 40 star and I almost died reading this.

So yeah, you guys can read this if you want a laugh, but please, please, PLEASE don't take this seriously or make fun of me.

Thanks, Lelasta/L3LASUS

Whether it be Bedrock or Java, Lifeboat or Hypixel, there is one special Minecraft minigame that appears everywhere: Bed Wars. This article will show you two things: what Bed Wars is and some strategies to win it, even if you’re a noob.

Firstly, what is Bed Wars? In Bed Wars, players spawn in teams of up to four players, with eight or four different teams on separate islands depending on the modes. These islands have a bed in front, an Item Shop on the side, and a resource generator in back. This resource generator spawns Iron and Gold Ingots, and these resources can be used at the Item Shop to purchase items of several categories.

Once you join the game, there will already be one item in your inventory: a Wooden Sword. This is not a very powerful one, though. When replaced by another sword, the Wooden Sword disappears. It will reappear when the other sword is removed. In short, it’s like a useless placeholder.

Players can go to other team islands and break their beds to stop the team from respawning, and therefore, getting a greater chance of winning. Teams can defend the bed by placing blocks over it, with a selection of blocks available in the shop, such as wool, hardened clay, and obsidian. If the team's bed is broken by a player from another team, they will no longer respawn and will be eliminated from the game upon dying.

Different events will go as time passes, including tier upgrades to Diamond and Emerald Generators, Bed Destruction, Dragon spawning, and the game ending in a draw. When all opposing beds and players are eliminated, the last team standing will win the game.

There are four core modes, those being Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4. These modes follow the standard Bed Wars gameplay and have nearly identical gameplay aspects. I prefer Solo, because it’s easier to kill 1 person rather than killing 1 person and having to run because the second person is coming after you with a diamond sword.

Now, second of all, what strategies can you use? After doing quite a bit of research, I found a lot of strategies that all helped when I tried them out. They all fall into three categories: bridging, defense, and attack. The first category is bridging, so let’s start with that.

In Bed Wars, normally, you would press Shift + S + Right-click at all times to bridge. Using Shift means that you can’t fall down. However, it also means that you move slowly. Really slowly. This means that while this “slow bridging” is the easiest and safest strategy, it’s painstakingly slow and a bit glitchy, so you fall down a lot anyway. By the time you’ve gotten anywhere with this strategy, your bed will have been broken by then. (Wait, is that why I never win Bed Wars?) So you’ll need to be faster. You will have to speed bridge. There are three main types of speed bridging: Breezily Bridging, Ninja Bridging, and God Bridging. All three are VERY HARD. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you don’t get it on your first try.

First, let’s discuss Breezily Bridging. This type is the easiest technique of them all, but even though it doesn’t look like it, it’s slow compared to the others. What you have to do is press only Shift + S + Right-Click. That sounds exactly like regular slow bridging, but you have to put the cursor at a certain angle. If you do it right, you can place blocks fast enough, without pausing, to cancel out the slowness of shifting.

Here’s a demonstration:

Second, let’s focus on Ninja Bridging. You can safely build a bridge by moving backwards while crouching as you place blocks, like I said before But the Ninja technique accelerates the process by having you rapidly alternate between crouching and standing up. If done properly, this technique lets you move much faster while eliminating the risk of falling off the bridge you’re building.

Here’s a demonstration:

Third, let’s focus on God Bridging. I can’t do this. I just can’t. Too hard. Waaaaay too hard. You literally need 2 things: a gaming mouse, and being able to click 12 times per second (my record is 9x per second). One word: no. So I tried interviewing one of my classmates who can God Bridge. His name is Colin, and he’s much more experienced than me in Minecraft. This is why I decided to interview him and ask him a few questions.

  1. What are your bedwars stats (kills and wins total)

  2. What is your hypixel level

  3. HOW DO YOU GOD BRIDGE (explain it in words and if you can, send a video of you god bridging

He hasn’t given me much information, and he missed the deadline (January 9) that I gave him! But from the information he has given me so far, I know two things: one, he’s in Hypixel Level 132. To compare, I’m in Hypixel Level 4 (Colin please don't make fun of me). Two, you need to click at least 12 times per second and you have to keep clicking. He didn’t give me a demonstration, but I will update this article once he gives me one.

Here’s my demonstration:

Now, let’s talk about defense. In Bed Wars, you’ll need to defend your bed. The best possible defense is obsidian right around the bed, wood around that, end stone around that and wool all over it. However, obsidian is very hard to obtain. You will need some emeralds, plus lots and lots of iron and gold. This is very good but still quite hard to get.

Here’s my demonstration:

This is the second best possible defense, and it is fireball/explosion resistant. Plus, there’s an emergency second wool layer to protect. Basically, you put wood right around the bed, then end stone, then sandstone, then glass, then wool all around. You then build a cylindrical wall around the whole thing, to contain the water which will be put on top.

Here’s my demonstration:

Third, let’s talk about attack. I am TERRIBLE at PvP, or player vs. player. In my three years of playing Minecraft, I have never killed anyone in BedWars. Never. I’m just terrible at it. Seriously, this is just too painful, so I decided to do some research, which was an amazing idea! This section will be separated into two parts: one, team defense, and two, solo defense.

My first strategy is a team defense strategy. Specifically, 3x3x3x3. One person starts bridging to the left, and another to the right. The last person waits in base for gear and follows to assist in killing the players after the bed is destroyed. This leaves 2 teams without a bed, 1 of those with probably 1 or 2 people dead, possibly even 3. This really opens up the game, as you now have 2 islands with free generators, a free diamond generator in between, and a half-free generator on the other side. Yay! Now you can gear up and take control of the other teams. I have to admit, I’m terrible at this, so I lost the game, but here’s a demonstration: insert link here - Coming Soon

My second strategy is bed rushing, which is my favorite strategy when playing alone. If you do it well, it wins you a lot of games. I’m not that good at PvP, but I can still pull off this technoblade. To pull good bed rushes, you shouldn’t worry about taking control of the middle, since other teams want control over this, and people in a party can just 3v1 you. Not good for people like me. Instead, you can wait in base for approximately 3 stacks of blocks and shears. For this, you need to wait out 44 iron, but if you can pull this off, it’s totally worth it. First, bridge to your nearest diamond generator. If you want to save the diamonds, leave them there, since dying is a possibility with this strategy. Now bridge over to another team’s island and quickly destroy their bed. If players try to attack you, DO NOT attack them back. Just swerve around them. To destroy the bed, you can either get on top, or run in circles/zigzags around it. Interestingly enough, though, most people don’t stay safe. They just run off while leaving their bed unprotected. This is the one loophole that can get you some easy wins. Even if they did get wool around the bed, you can use the shears for that, since they destroy wool very fast. If you survive, get diamonds on the way back, or kill some players if you can (I never do this, I just run).

My third strategy is the opposite of bed rushing: mid rushing. I like to do this when I know I’m playing with pros. To start, you wait for 8 iron, buy 48 wool and go to the middle ASAP. If you can speed bridge with one of the strategies I showed you earlier, 9/10 you are at the middle first and you can get at least 2 emeralds if you’re quick enough. You can then go back to the island to get more resources. Next, you can use the middle as a midpoint to bridge to the other teams. It’s like a menu: choose the team you want to destroy. Obviously, I just like to destroy all the noobs from the middle, then I wait in base for more gear. That leaves the pros to destroy themselves. When there’s only one pro left other than you, kill the pro using some strategies that I’ll cover in the next section: attack.

Attack is very important and it’s what can win you many, many games in Bed Wars. I’m not good at this, but I have done some research, so we’re good to go! We’ll cover two different categories: materials and the actual combat.

To start, we’ll cover the materials you’ll need to carry in your inventory. The most basic weapon is a sword, and there are various options available, from wooden to diamond. You could also purchase the Sharpness enchantment for 4 or 8 diamonds later in the game. The next type of weapon is a bow, which is the most quality long-range weapon you can use in the game. The bows go in tiers of normal -> power I -> punch I and power I. Arrows cost 2 gold per 8 arrows. You can use this to unexpectedly knock noobs off the thin “slow bridges”, for example. There are some other weapons you could use, including tools (axe and pickaxe), fireballs (40 iron), bridge eggs (2 emeralds), blocks (used to block trap on bridges), bedbugs (aka silverfish, 40 iron) and dream defenders (aka iron golems, 120 iron). Rarely, TNT (4 gold in solos and doubles, 8 in threes and fours) will be used to knock off players into the void or kill.

Next, let’s talk about the actual combat. I have a laptop without a mouse, and that’s just the worst thing. That’s actually probably why I’m bad at PvP, but I’m going to be building my own gaming computer soon, so it’s okay. Anyway, the first thing is to USE 1.8.9. This was before the combat update in 1.9, so you can click fast without the cooldown. Also, you can use your shield while attacking. How come I never knew this before? Beats me. Anyway, to click fast, you need to practice clicking with different techniques. The first one is jitter clicking, and here’s my demonstration:

The second one is butterfly clicking, and here’s my terrible demonstration:

Whoa, how can I be that bad? But my record is 11 clicks per second, so I really don’t mind.

After five pages of detail and description and two weeks of hard work, I have finally finished this article. I hope this gigantic article helps you improve your Bed Wars skills. It sure did help me! Thank you for reading!

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