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How do airplanes fly?

How do airplanes fly?


Special credit to National geographic kids

Airplanes have really big and powerful engines, which is one of the reasons an airplane can fly well. But it's more about the air in the word airplanes.

A scientific experiment you can do will require 2 sheets of any type of paper. Fold one of the pieces of paper into a paper airplane of your choice. Take both pieces of paper and stand in an open area. First throw the unfolded piece of paper. It does not go very far. Now, stand in the exact place of where you threw the regular paper and throw the paper airplane. It goes WAY farther than the regular paper.

But why does the paper plane fly further than the unfolded piece of paper? Well, the air on a regular plane works the same way as a real plane. The air below the wings pushes up harder than the air on top of the wings.

Another experiment you can do is during a car ride. Roll down the window and put your hand out flat. Your hand should be slicing through the wind. Now angle your hand upward. Once it reaches the right angle, your hand should FLY UP.

When angled in the right position, your hand flies up. Your hand represents angled plane wings. Angled plane wings are another part of the plane that helps it fly.

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