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help me learn french pls :(

help me learn french pls :(

By: Tay

(This was one of the only images for “French”. The other options were macaroons or french fries)

Bonjour Como ca va (i think that means hello how are you) So i feel like i'm behind on my francais(i think that means french). My dad knows a lot but not all french after taking it in a high school class and my brother is way ahead after watching this show called FANCY NANCY who is obsessed with french stuff. I also have family in Montreal who speak vietnamese, english, and french. I feel like since I work with people who speak it a lot and know it and write all those interesting French articles that I can't understand but I wish (sometimes I copy the whole article into google translate just to read it).

(just something on my mind why do Canadians know soooo many languages up there while us USA people are just here taking 8 years of spanish so far and not remembering anything. You guys seem to have a much more open mind to learning new things. )

Reasons to learn french

  • My dad knows it so i should try it

  • My brother is speaking to me in french probably making fun of me.

  • I want to go to france

  • I want to visit montreal again

  • Want to write a basic french article before the end of the year (new years resolution)

  • Want to be able to read all our french articles

Please help me by recommending me resources to learn it. Please no duolingo because you know what happens when you skip a day…..

Au revoir (i think that means goodbye)

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