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How to study for a BIG Exam

How to study for a BIG Exam


So, around this time of year, me and my classmates at school are freaking out because next year is High School. I don’t know how the school system works in Canada, but in the US (where I am), High School is when most people are 14-15 ( I don't turn 14 till right before the school year). But it is much more complicated. I go to a private school, and most of the kids there upon graduating go to private high schools, with some of them (most of the boys schools) requiring an exam called the HSPT, or the High School Placement Test, a 298 question test that lasts 2 and a half hours with 5 main sections.

So I’ve been studying for it recently, and I have a few tips for those exam takers, whether it is for a placement test, standardized testing, or a test at school.

  • Start studying ahead of time

  • Make flashcards, either physical or on Quizlet ( i do both just in case )

  • Eat a good meal before the test

  • Create good routines that will positively benefit you for the test

    • Sleep

    • Exercise

    • Reading

    • Practice

  • Keep a normal schedule; do not add anything new to it the week of or a few days before it

Do your best!!!

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