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Genshin Impact: The best game in 2022

Genshin Impact: The best game in 2022

By Ellie Alan

What is Genshin impact you ask? Genshin impact is a very popular game these days that I also play a lot. In principal's of the game, there are 7 types of powers

  1. Pyro (fire)

  2. Hydro (water

  3. Anemo (wind)

  4. Cryo (ice)

  5. Electro (electricity)

  6. Geo (earth)

  7. Dendro (plants)

Dendro is still not available but is believed to be coming soon. The first character you start with is Lumine or Aether who are twins and you will have to choose which twin you will want for the rest of the game. In the game, there are also archons which are gods. For now, there are 3 cities in the game and 3 archons which we know the identity. The first city is Monstadt, the second is Liuye Harbor and Inazuma. Monstadt in the city of the wind where the god of anemo lies who’s name is Venti. Liuye Harbor is the city of the earth where the god of geo lies who’s name is Zhongli. And the last city is Inazuma, the city of Electro where the god of electricity lives who’s called Raiden. There will be a new city unlocked after the update 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc. The goal of the game is to unlock all stories (archon quests) and help the archons and discover about the cities! To get new characters, you have to get primogems by unlocking teleport waypoints, doing the daily commissions and finding treasures. Once you get the primogems required, you will have to turn them into wishes (acquainted or intertwined wishes) and you will be able to wish. The things you can get in wishes are 4 star characters, 3 star weapons, 4 star weapons, 5 star characters or 5 star weapons. When the light turns pink, you will have a 4 star character or weapon. If the light turns yellow, you will have a 5 star character or weapon. And if the light remains blue you will have a 3 star weapon (there are no 3 star characters).

In the picture shown on the top, the first character shown on the left is the anemo god, Venti.

The girl in purple on the left is the electro god, Raiden.

The blond boy on Raiden’s right is one of the twins you will have to choose in the beginning (Aether)

The blond girl next to Aether is his twin sister which you will also have to decide (Lumine)

The first boy on the right is the god of Geo, Zonghli.

And finally, the little girl on the top is Paimon. Paimon will help you throughout your journey and will always appear during dialogue.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Genshin Impact and if you start playing I hope you will love it as much as I do!

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