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Donda Album By: Kanye West grows as 15 songs make it to The Top 50 in the World (Review+News)

Donda Album By: Kanye West grows as 15 songs make it to The Top 50 in the World (Review+News)


Donda, By: Kanye West is an album released in 2021 with 27 songs made in tribute to his mother, Donda, who died because of . 15 of the 27 songs of the album have made it to Top 50 Global Hits. That’s more than half of the songs he produced in his album. Donda is one of my personal favorite albums by Kanye West, with JESUS IS KING trailing close behind. His top 10 songs on his page, judged by views and time the views came in, are all from the Donda album, which is impressive.

Purple Text means it is in the top 10 on his page.

Pink Text means it is Global

The top ten songs on his page are:

  1. Hurricane (Number 5 on Global Charts)

  2. Off the Grid (Number 12 on Global Charts)

  3. Jail (Number 10 on Global Charts)

  4. Moon (Number 19 on Global Charts)

  5. Praise God (Number 16 on Global Charts)

  6. Believe What I Say (Number 26 on Global Charts)

  7. Jonah (Number 28 on Global Charts)

  8. Ok Ok (Number 29 on Global Charts)

  9. God Breathed (Number 30 on Global Charts)

  10. Heaven and Hell (Number 34 on Global Charts)

The rest of the songs on the top 50 Global are listed here:

  • No Child Left Behind

  • Junya

  • 24

  • Remote Control

  • Pure Souls


In my opinion, I think Donda is a good album overall. It has a special meaning behind every single song. Sometimes they can get repetitive, but otherwise, it is a great album. I heard my dad talk about it, but I started listening when we listened to it in P.E. (Physical Education) Class. The song that caught my attention was God Breathed. It is one of my favorite songs.

My Top 3 favorite songs are:

  1. God Breathed

  2. Jail

  3. Ok Ok

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