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CookyLela Poem

CookyLela Poem

By Lela S. <3

I don’t remember writing this, but the paper version I found on my desk just now said that I wrote it very, very, very late at night, like, in the AMs… (sorry Mommy)

We are working on CookyLela News

So our website gets a lot of views.

Our newspaper is for all kids and teens

No one gets bored during COVID-19.

Lela, Emi, Lol, Fatoom, work all day

El, Alex, KitKat, Valid, Skye and Tay

The other members who chose not to stay

Together in meetings, we write and play.

In every meeting, we have lots of fun

Write, edit, publish, that’s how the job’s done.

Birthdays, parties, and soon 4K views

We’re not just colleagues, we’re best friends, that’s true!

News, opinion, and poems like these

DIY, history, fun and games please.

Podnews, WixSite, and articles galore

You’ll definitely be begging for more!

Soon will come Roblox game, CLN App

To read you will need just one single tap.

Thank you for all the support this past year

CLN fans are the best - you’re still here?

A secret message in CookyLela News

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