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CookyLela News Vocabulary

CookyLela News Vocabulary

By Lela S.

This actually started out as a joke but I turned it into a real article *cringe*. And yes, we do use these words in real meetings.

  • Pog (interjection)

A word used to indicate excitement or an epic moment. Variations of this word include poggers, pogchamp, and technopog.

Example: We just hit 15 000 views! Pog!

  • Pog (adjective)

A word to describe something awesome and exciting that happened. Works like the words cool and epic.

Example: Your article is so pog, it actually got 300 views!

  • Muffin (interjection)

Instead of using a swear word, the CookyLela News staff use the word muffin, in honor of the great BadBoyHalo, who always streams during our Saturday CookyLela News meetings.

Example: What the muffin? The muffin did you just do to my article? You’re such a muffinhead, I will literally remove you from this muffin newspaper if you do that again.

  • Muffin Moment (proper noun)

A muffin moment is a moment in CookyLela News when our articles don’t get many views. Muffin moments last about a week long, and they happen once a month. Before Muffin Moments, we get very grumpy. (Sounds familiar?) The main cause of Muffin Moments is the lack of posts.

Example: I’m really upset with the Muffin Moment. Always remember: zero posts a day keeps the visitors away, but also, 69 posts a day keeps the visitors away as well.

  • Cupcake Moment (proper noun)

A Cupcake Moment in CookyLela News is a moment when we get a lot of views. This would signify a lot of views per day (over 200) or a lot of views in a few consecutive posts (over 100 views each). Basically, the opposite of a Muffin Moment.

Example: Guys did you notice the Cupcake Moment last week, where we got 400 views on FOUR CONSECUTIVE ARTICLES HJSRFKUASHNGEKT

  • AFK (adjective)

Being AFK in CookyLela News can mean a lot of things. Being AFK in a meeting can either mean playing a video game during the meeting, not being online on the newspaper but still online on the meeting, or simply being away from the keyboard itself.

Example: Two sources that would like to go unnamed have reported that you, Lol, have been AFK, and instead of working on CLN, you have been playing Roblox. (Lol, I am looking at you.)

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