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Book review: Star Darlings books 2-5

Book review: Star Darlings books 2-5 - By Elena

Dear readers, I already made an article about a review of book 1 of star darlings. Now I will do an article about book 2-5. Let’s start with #2… I have read this book… The main character is named Libby. She is shy and doesn’t say her opinion much. She doesn’t really like making people sad. For me she is EXACTLY like me, but I am not shy. When she goes on her mission she has mistakes, but not the same mistakes as Sage in the first book. When she goes on Wishworld she goes on this field trip where she goes to the aquarium. She sees all sorts of fish! It is really exciting for her since she has never gone to Wishworld before. Libby’s roommate is Gemma. She is not a shy person, she talks a lot maybe even TOO MUCH ;). Well Gemma annoys people just by talking about random things too much

Now let's talk about #3. Book 3 is called “ Leona’s unlucky mission “

That is the name because he mission COMPLETELY FAILED!

Her wish pendant BROKE for a reason that nobody knows. As roommates she has Scarlet. Scarlet is the opposite of Leona. Scarlet is not shy but she is NOT social. While Leona likes singing in public and saying her opinion. But these girls have for sure one thing in common… THEY LOVE MUSIC. Leona created a band which she sings in and Scarlet plays the drums in this group. I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I did.

The next book is the number 4 where the Character is called Vega. This book is called “ Vega and the fashion disaster” This here was one of my favorite books because I love Vega’s attitude and her spirit. She loves to solve puzzles and study but mostly to have very high grades! Her roommate is Piper. Piper is very free spirited. She has this dream diary where she writes all the dreams that she had every day. I find that a nice idea. Piper also loves yoga and is usually very calm. Vega is also a part of Leona’s band. Vega plays the bass in this group! Her mission was really a success but also had some problems finding out what was her wishers wish.

Now let's talk about the book where Scarlet comes back.The book is called Scarlet discovers true strength.I forgot to mention this but Scaret was kicked out of the Star Darlings in book 3. I will not tell you more so I don’t spoil the book for you guys. Scarlet was replaced by a girl called Ophelia. Ophelia is in 1 year. So she doesn’t know much of all of the stuff they should know. Before Scarlet was kicked out her roommate was Leona as I told you. I also told you that Leona and Scarlet did not get along. When SCarlet ot kicked out Leona was happy. And she got a new roommate “Ophelia”. Ophelia and Leona got along really fast and well.When Ophelia went on her mission… she blew it and might get stuck in wishworld forever. So the wishorb had to choose another star darling. Scarlet sneaked in the wish orb room and saw everything, even when she got chosen....

I will not tell you more because this book is really exciting!

This review was made by ELENA!!

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