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Book Review: Other Words for Home

Book Review: Other Words for Home

By: Fatima :-)

My rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]

The novale: Other words for home is a wonderful book by Jasmine Warga. This novel tells us the story of a girl named Jude that lives in Syria and where she lives in Syria there are lots of tourists in the summertime so she meets lots of people from all around Syria and frome all around the world, but her parents don't like her talking to strangers. Everyone was saying that there will be fewer visitors from Aleppo this year because there is no one in Aleppo to come, everyone that can leave already has because of the war in Syria. Jude has a friend called Fatima and she is a couple of weeks older than Jude. Judes older brother Issa used to watch movies with her and Fatima and acted as the characters out with them. One morning when she woke up she saw her mom and Issa in the kitchen and her mom was training to stop Issa from going to the march he was looking forward to but of course she could not stop him. He wants to see change, but Jude wants to see Issa laugh. The day after the march There were men with stolen weapons fighting against the guvernment army. A while later her brother Issa moves out and Jude is forbidden to go visit him in his new apartment. One day when they were sitting in the kitchen her mom told her they were going to visit her mom's brother in America. . . The rest is for you to find out when you read the book.

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