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Book Review: Genuine Sweet by Faith Harkey

Book Review: Genuine Sweet by Faith Harkey

By Lelasta <3

Genuine Sweet tells the story of a twelve-year-old girl named Genuine Sweet (it’s pronounced Gen-u-wine), who has the ability to grant wishes for everyone but herself. At least, that’s what her granny tells her. When she tries it for the first time, she does what her granny tells her to do: whistle and call the stars, while holding a cup in her outstretched arms. To her surprise, silver starlight pours into the cup. She uses this liquid to bake “wish cookies”. If someone eats this cookie and makes a wish, their wish will be granted. At least, if this person isn’t her.

These cookies are the talk of the town. Everyone asks Genuine for wishes, and she’s known as the city’s wish fetcher. She sends her wish cookies to world hunger organizations, and suddenly, she’s on the news. But as well as the fans she has, there are multiple haters. Penny, Genuine’s deceased mother’s worst enemy, is on her tail. Although the pressure kept mounting, Genuine kept doing her job: making more wish cookies, with the help of her new friends Jura and Travis.

But when her granny suddenly and mysteriously dies, she breaks the one rule that she was assigned,

Never wish anything for yourself.

And just like that, her powers are gone. She can’t wish anything anymore. She is the last female in her family to inherit the wish-fetching gene, and no one else will be able to do it. Not even her best friends.

Or can they?

I rate this book 7 stars out of 10. I really like the messages in this book: generosity and kindness. Genuine showed generosity when she offered to grant the wish of Jura, a random stranger on the street. Because of her kindness, they became best friends. The same went with Travis: the two were worst enemies up until they really got to know each other. However, I find this book absurdly easy, and I only spent a few minutes reading it. In my opinion, this book has a very good message but not enough action and depth in the story itself. Also, it was way too easy. This book is a good, light, casual read. It doesn’t have any mature themes/topics that might stop you from reading it, so I recommend this book to all ages.

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