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Book Review: A Thousand Questions - Saadia Faruqi

Book Review: A Thousand Questions - Saadia Faruqi

By Lelasta <3

This book, A Thousand Questions by Saadia Faruqi, takes place in Karachi, Pakistan. It tells the story of an American girl, Mimi, who does NOT want to be here at all, and the cook’s servant daughter, Sakina, who just wants to go to school, but who can’t since she is a servant.

When Mimi discovers that her missing father is right here in Karachi, fate immediately brings the two girls together. They make a deal: if Mimi teaches Sakina English so she can get a scholarship to her dream school, Sakina will help Mimi find her father.

But what happens when Mimi’s journal, which contains questions for her missing father, goes missing?

I rate this book 8/10 stars for a few reasons. This story absolutely melted my heart, it’s the kind of story that touches my heart. I loved discovering Pakistan’s culture through this book, it was really enlightening for me. I also loved reading about how Mimi and Sakina’s friendship slowly formed. However, it was a little too easy, and I read it relatively quickly. In conclusion, I recommend this book to ages 8+.

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