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Best video games in 2022

Best video games in 2022

By Emicooky

Hi guys, it's emicooky! I haven’t written an article in a loooong time but now I decided to help CookylelaNews views go up. So today I am going to give ratings on some apps and share my opinion with you guys!

3. Subway surfers

Subway surfers is a very good game! There are new updates, new surfboards and even new characters! But the only problem is that you always have to do the same level again and again. Even with the new updates, the game can start getting boring. So maybe if there could be worlds that we can choose from could improve the game a lot. Anyways in overall this game is super fun!

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is a very cool game! It’s my second favorite game after roblox. There are new updates that give new items or fix bugs.

I love Minecraft in creative mode because I can build mansions or castles (ok maybe not castles yet). The only problems that I can think of are: 1. Lela S. can’t play with me because she is on a computer and I am on an ipad and they are not compatible.

2. The app is not free, it cost 10$! For an app it’s a lot of money!

Otherwise the game is awesome and the maps are big!

1. Roblox

ROBLOX, my FAVORITE video game! I love Roblox because it’s not just one game, there are millions of games on this server!

I play mostly livetopia but I also like color block, and adopt me. The big problem is that I got HACKED, someone took my account! I spent a month with my dad solving this problem (writing emails, proof of something and a bunch of other complicated things), and after a month my adopt me pets still weren’t returned, let’s just say that ADOPT ME DOESN'T EVEN CARE!!! Anyways I got my account back, the hacker got banned (haha hacker you deserve it) and because of all these problems that happened, roblox gave me 7500 robux (yay at least something good). In the next article I make, I can write more about roblox if you want guys, just please let me know in the comments down below :-).

(I give all these games 4 out of 5 stars).

Anyways, I hope you liked that article, and I promised Lela S. that I will write more articles, so you can count on me!


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