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Apple Airpods 3rd Gen Review

Apple Airpods 3rd Gen Review


Hi everyone! Long time no see. I have been very very very busy. I’m also writing this article at 5 in the morning. For my holiday gift from my parents, I got Airpod Pros. You are probably asking, why is it an Airpods 3 review. This is because there was a problem with the airpods pro headset so we returned it to Costco. My parents then said they bought both versions since they didn’t know which one I wanted. So about a week ago, after I returned my Airpod Pros, I unboxed these.

Instead of the plastic wrapping like the airpods pro, we have 2 paper pull tabs at the bottom. After that, you get your basic instruction manual. I don’t think I saw any stickers there >:( . After that, you have your airpods with the charger underneath. The airpods have a long box like the airpod pros (not as long), but they are also tall like airpods 1st and 2nd gen. They are kinda a mixture of both since you get the shorter stems like airpods pro but an open ear design like Airpods Gen 2.

1 week later

They are awesome! They have a 6 hour battery life and I have only charged them once. They have spatial audio so when listening to Hold On, by Justin Beiber, it sounds kinda like you are there at a concert without the screaming and crazy people (RIP the people who died at the Travis Scott Concert).


  • Cheaper than Pros

  • Comfortable

  • Long battery

  • Smaller sized case (imagine the airpods 1st and 2nd gen case but sideways)

  • Spatial Audio

  • Tunes music to the ears


  • No ear tips like airpod pros

  • No Noise cancelling, Transparency Mode, Adaptive EQ

  • No customizable size.

Thanks for reading!

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