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Apple Airpod Pros Review!

Apple Airpod Pros Review!


Hey everyone! So excited for my followup review on the Airpod Pros! These were Christmas gifts from my parents, and all I can say is that I absolutely love them! They are really comfortable because of their customizable fit and silicone ear tips. They have noise canceling, perfect when we are on the road and I use my brother’s kindle to listen to audible audiobooks. The one thing that people say isn’t the best is the battery. If you don’t leave them in your ears for 4.5 hours, you’ll be okay. The price at an all time low was at $169 USD maybe $159 so if you want them, buy them on sale.

Reasons to get

  • Comfortable

  • Nice

  • Spatial audio

  • Magsafe charging

  • Noise canceling

Reasons to avoid

  • Pricy

  • Low battery

  • Large case

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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