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App Review: Night Sky

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

App Review: Night Sky - By Felicia

Install Night Sky here!

Have you seen my article about Seek? If not, click here to visit it. Night Sky, just like Seek, allows you to identify things around you, only this time, it isn’t the plants, it’s the planets you’re identifying. It’s also a completely free app, so there’s no need to worry about cost.

Night Sky’s amazing AR features bring the sky to life, overlaying a 3D rendering of outer space, complete with diverse star systems, planets, and constellations that appear and get highlighted as you move your phone, iPad or even your Apple TV remote around. A great feature is that this app can be used at just about any time of day, even at noon! If you want to examine the night sky in a bit more detail, you can even swipe the screen to look at specific planets. To go back to LIVE mode, just shake the phone and voila!

This app gives you the very best experience possible by giving you the weather forecast, the nearest good stargazing areas, and notifications for things like ISS flyovers. You can tap on various different celestial objects including stars, satellites and other bodies like the sun or moon to learn more about them and their position in the solar system.

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