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All About The Ukulele

All About The Ukulele - By Felicia

The ukulele is a typical Hawaiian musical instrument. It was introduced to Hawaii in 1879 by three Portugese who worked in sugar cane farms. These men were carpenters with instrument-making knowledge. They carried a Portugese instrument called the Cavaquinho, which they modified to make the ukulele.

The body of the ukulele is a box that transmits vibrations. The body is connected to the neck, which contains the fretboard: it is a long piece of wood that is cut into pieces called frets. Frets are pieces of metal that let you play notes, a bit like piano keys. At the other end of the neck, you see the head. It contains 4 tuning heads that have strings attached to them. The tuning heads are, obviously, for tuning the strings.

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