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All about my new computer!

All about my new computer! - By Elena

Hi guys today I am gonna talk about my new computer!

I got a new computer from the company winnovo!

I did not get a Mac because that cost too much.

So I got this one!

This is what it looks like in its case:

For now the apps that I installed are: Roblox ( my favorite video game )

And Teams ( the app that we use to do work for school )

I rarely used a computer or laptop to play roblox but I guess it’s different this time!

I find it so cool how we are supposed to use the keyboard for moving the avatar in roblox! When I play on my iPad I find that it is easier. But my friend Lily ( she is in the newspaper ) is used to playing on a computer so she finds it SUPER easy!

The only times I use a computer to play roblox when I am at school. Let me be more specific… At school on Wednesday we have computer class and when we are done with the projects that we do we could play or listen to music and yeah.

About a month ago or so Lily discovered that we had to DOWNLOAD roblox to play on a computer. But we didn’t want that since it was the SCHOOLS computer!

I got a computer because at school we use PowerPoint a lot for presentations and words, so instead of using my mom’s computer I have mine!

Well I hoped you guys learned more about my little story of how I got a computer!

And leave a like!

This article was made by: Elena

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