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5 Things To Do To Make You Feel Happier

5 Things To Do To Make You Feel Happier

By Lela S. <69

This is going to sound so random, but recently, I’ve been counting days, just because. It’s something meaningless that I do, but today, I reached the day of my favorite number (It’s to the right of the less than sign, beside my name). Because of this, I decided to take the time to enjoy life for the first time in sixty-nine days. Here are five things to do to make you feel happier!

1. Sing in the shower


No, I’m actually not joking about this. According to a study from Harvey Water Softeners, belting out your favorite song in the shower can actually improve your long-term happiness. Singing improves our mood because it really forces us to be mindful with our breathing. When we belt out a tune, we simply have to breathe more deeply. This increases oxygen levels and sends a message to the brain that we are ready to calm down. As well as that, combining these benefits with the water pouring down over your head, also called hydrotherapy, makes a joyful combination (sorry, Mom and Dad).

Here are some optimistic tunes to sing:

2. Gratitude journal on a regular basis

Gratefulness is key!

I know you’ve heard enough how much gratitude coincides with happiness and well-being, and that’s because it’s SO true. Writing down what you feel grateful for not only requires you to reflect on the things in your life that are good (because there’s always more than you think!), but re-wires your brain by going through the day, seeking out the good things in order to write about them later. In that way, you literally start to become used to seeing the good in your life, rather than the bad, and in turn are much happier.

3. Dress up for no reason


We all know that Halloween’s coming up, and we’re going to have to dress up on the 31st. I’m going trick-or-treating if the pandemic permits, and yes, that is my Halloween costume that I tried on in advance. It’s a bit extreme for everyday wear (ahem, chains, sword, and devil horns), but life is too short to wear boring clothes. Wearing clothes like this can boost your mood, confidence, and more.

4. Improve yourself

History is hard I guess

This might sound super cliché, but improving yourself is a really good way to boost your happiness. If you just aim at getting 1% better every day, it will make you 37 times better within a year (1.01365 = 37.78). How amazing is that? If you think “I want to get better”, 1% per day is totally achievable! Self-improvement can come in many forms: you can learn something new, work on a project, etc. Today, I decided to do three things to improve myself: give my all in my swimming practice (which is equivalent to swimming 120 laps), complete a twenty-minute Apple Fitness+ strength workout using my new and heavier 3-kilogram dumbbells, and study for my history test for two and a half hours. You can do the same!

5. Spend time with your family and friends

Me on a video call with my best cousins, Arthur and Nate! (I'm below, in the pink shirt)

Finally, the most important happiness hack of all: spend time with your family and friends. Whether this be in the form of actually taking the time to eat dinner with your family, calling an old friend to ask them how they’ve been, or even playing a video game with a special someone online, spending time with loved ones is absolutely ESSENTIAL to happiness in the long term. Need I say more?

Thank you so much for reading this article. I’m extremely grateful for the support you give CookyLela News, and I just wanted to take the time to properly say thank you. Thank you, I love you, and have a nice day! :)

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