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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 9

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 9

By Lela S.

Chapter 9: Killed by CallieCaca

On the day of the duel, I was in a pretty good mood. In the morning, I had played a bit of Bed Wars with my cousin, and after that, I went biking with Jax in real life. I was pretty confident that I would win the duel. But before that, I needed to warm up.

At exactly 1:30, I pressed the Voice Call button on the group chat with Jax, Darryl, and Blair.

“Hello?” Jax was the first one to respond. “Oh yeah, you’re going to duel Blair.”

Then, Darryl joined the call. “Hi! I’m going to observe you guys.” I still was traumatized by the fact that I was talking to the one and only BadBoyHalo.

“So… all we have to do is wait for Blair then?” I asked.

“I guess so.”

Five minutes passed, then ten. Blair was simply not showing up to the duel. I was getting really impatient. I ran around in circles, attempting parkour in the Duels lobby, but there was no trace of Blair.

“Jax, can I duel you in The Bridge while I wait for her?” I asked.

“Sure, but should I go easy on you or should I actually try? I mean, I’m a little rusty in PvP...” he replied.

“You know what? I’ve got nothing to lose.” I stated defiantly. “I have a winstreak of 0 right now. Go full tryhard on me. I dare you.”

“Sure, but even then, you’ll probably win. Like I said, I’m bad at PvP.”

“No, you’re a lot better than me. I swear, Dylan once beat me 5-0 in The Bridge. And that game is the Duels game that I’m the best at!”


I sighed and rolled my eyes. “I’m not being nice, I’m just stating the facts.”

Suddenly, a drawling, lazy, teenage voice was heard in the voice call. “Quit arguing and start the duel.”

“Blair?! Since when did you join the call?” both of us exclaimed at the exact same time.

"Just get on with the duel. I can wait." Blair replied, in that sassy, teenager tone of hers.

So we began.





Actually, more like…




Apparently, we were let out of our cages early. Or at least, I was, but Jax wasn't. Usually, I always score the first goal, since my strategy is almost never used. But with the bonus of a head start, the usually turned into a definitely.

As soon as he started to get close, I towered up, which blocked him, and I jumped right over his head, and right into his goal. 1-0.

Do I really need to explain what happened next? I don’t think so. All you need to do is look at the title of this book. Well, almost.

When the score was 4-0, I hesitated for a millisecond before jumping into his goal, and that gave him just enough time to score before I could. 4-1. After that, though, I managed to still secure my victory at 5-1. Not bad.

“See, you just beat me 5-1! You have to admit that you’re better than me.” Jax argued.

“I swear, it was just pure luck! It’s only this duel that I’m pl-”

“Cut it out.” Blair interrupted, in her calm and cool voice. “Although, Callie, I have to agree with you. Your victory against Jax was definitely 100 percent pure luck. Totally. And I know for sure that your luck will not last.”

“Can you not? I’m going to /duel you, please accept my request. Oh yeah, and after the bridge, wanna try some other types of duels?”

“If you do that, I’ll definitely beat you, so of course.”

“Or will you?” I was feeling pretty nervous, but I decided to add a sarcastic remark. After all, even though I was nervous, Darryl had trained me, and so had Dylan.

“Oh, Callie, I will. I sure will.”

I decided to ignore her sassy remarks, and I entered the command.




Click! Unlike the last game, this one was timed perfectly. However, this game, I decided to do something a little risky: try a new strategy. Was it worth it? We don’t talk about that.

What I did was that I sprinted to a little past mid, then I towered up. Blair had towered up as well, but we were far away from each other. Unfazed, I used my EPIC SPEEDBRIDGING SKILLS to fall off the map.

I tried. Okay? I tried.

But Jax and Blair simultaneously burst into laughter.

Fortunately, I took advantage of that funny-unfunny moment to kill Blair and get a head start. She was surprisingly not as good in PvP as I thought. Maybe it was the strategy that got her so many wins in Bed Wars.

As she drew closer to me, I began to tower up. When I felt safe enough, I jumped right over her empty head and scored a goal. 1-0.

“Nooooooooo. Why did I let that happen?” she said with an edge in her voice.

“You didn’t let that happen. I made that happen.” I replied coldly.

“Whatever.” I had won the argument. “Let’s continue the game.”

Again, I kept using the strategy of towering up and jumping over her head. It gave me two more goals. 2-0, then 3-0. But right then, something seemed to change in Blair’s mind. Instead of trying to tower up to match me, she used her bow and arrow to knock me off the tower, then she proceeded to kill me and jump into my goal. 3-1. 3-2. 3-3.

Blair was starting to catch up. But that round, I changed. My mindset went from “Beat Blair” to “JAX IS MINE I DONT CARE I WILL BEAT HER GRRRRRRR”. Just kidding! Actually, what I was thinking was “I WILL BEAT DREAM’S SISTER RIGHT NOW AND SHOW DREAM HOW GOOD I AM. LGNHSKFMUAKGSGJ”. Because if I could beat Dream’s OWN SISTER, then what else could I achieve… But the middle of the duel was not the time to be dreaming (no pun intended). I gritted my teeth, strengthened my grip on the mouse, and went straight for the win.

I decided to use my trusty, usual strategy: placing blocks under me while I jumped and sprinted. Again. This time, Blair was totally unprepared. I just jumped over her empty head. Again. 4-3.

But the next round, after the click, Blair just simply knocked me off the bridge with almost no effort. Easily. 4-4.

Wiping sweat off my hands, I prepared for the final round. One of us would come out as the winner, and one of us would be the loser. At that point, I completely broke down. I fell off the bridge because I pressed A instead of W. I forgot to eat a golden apple.

“What’s wrong with you, Cal?” she mused, hitting me off the bridge mercilessly. I could hear the clicks of her mouse, which probably had a higher click rate than mine. She was probably drag-clicking. Probably using her brother’s PC. Dream probably trained her for days. Why did I have to be an only child? Why couldn’t I be better? But I shook those depressing thoughts off. I had no time for that.

The next few moments happened in slow motion. She sprinted towards my goal at lightning speed, but she hesitated. And that was enough to let me catch up to her. I hit her twice. Click. Click. Then, three words ran through my head. Half a heart. I let go of my mouse, then smashed it.

Ding! BigManPog6669 was killed by calliecaca.

You know what happened next.




Author’s note: I’m so sorry about the rant at the end. Also, this is definitely not happening in real life. Drista is definitely not a CookyLela News member. Jax is definitely not a friend of mine. BadBoyHalo is definitely not Jax’s brother. Definitely not.

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