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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 10

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 10

By Lela S.

Chapter 10: 2v1.5

After the duel, I was overjoyed with my win. I could do anything. I was flying. But Blair was the exact opposite. She rage quitted the voice call with a loud BLEEP, and she didn’t come back.

I was fed up with Blair and everything she had done, and I was really proud of the fact that I had beat her in The Bridge.

Maybe I was a little too proud.

But there was NO TIME for second thoughts. In Minecraft, you live for the action in the present. And you try not to die. However, I was still thinking about something…

So right after the duel, I also left the call and I decided to call Zak and Dylan to tell them my amazing idea.

“Zak, Dylan, can we play Minecraft?” I asked, clicking and typing to add them into Minecraft.

“Sure!” Zak replied, eagerly. “But first, I have to finish my French homework. I need help. Please?”

I groaned. Seriously?

“Meh,” Dylan mused. “I don’t really have ti-“

I heard a “ping!” from Discord, but it wasn’t mine. He froze.

“Hello? Dylan? Are you there?” I screamed into my headset microphone.

He hesitated, then he spoke. “Uh, yeah, I’m here. Sorry, it’s just that I found something. Never mind, actually I can play Minecraft.”

Then, the best idea ever struck me. I explained my idea to them, and they quickly agreed.

Step 1: add Blair to the call.

Moments later, I could hear her voice. Only this time, she was… HUH? It sounded… shaky? Uncertain? Nervous?

“Wha-what’s this? Dylie? Why did you add me?” I could hear her a satisfying brrrrr coming from her mouse. Funny, that was kind of familiar…

Wait. How did Blair know Dylan? Stop being so nosy, I told myself.

“B, we’ve been waiting for you. We have… plans.” Dylan replied, already adding me, Zak, and Blair to his party. Of course, his party. After all, he was the only one with a rank: MVP++. “Also, Don’t. Call. Me. That.” Dylan growled. “Kylie isn’t even-”

“Okay, okay, fine. Why am I even here, though?” she asked, changing the subject. I could tell that she actually had no idea what we had planned. But… who was Kylie?

I’m going off topic. Step 1? Check.

Step 2. Add her to a party in Minecraft without telling her, then starting a Bed Wars game.

Of course, “Dylie”, which was apparently Dylan’s nickname, had already added me, Zak, and Blair to the party. I could hear him typing and clicking furiously. 43 clicks per second. Not bad.

Wait, but how did I see his screen? Oh yeah… he was sharing it. But that would mean that Blair could see it too…

My suspicions were quickly confirmed. “D, I can see your screen. Sure, we can play Bed Wars for a bit, but then I’m going to a sleepover with Kylie.” Blair’s voice echoed loudly through the voice call. My great plan had failed at step 2.

I had one question. Only one. WHO WAS KYLIE?

Calm down, I told myself. Kylie was definitely not the main priority. Plan B was the main priority.

Step 3 of Plan B: start a 4v4v4v4 Bed Wars game.

Of course, it was Dylan’s party, so he was the one who was supposed to start the game. Huh. Something about “Private Games” appeared on the screen. But this time, instead of going to the Bed Wars lobby… why were we in the Duels lobby? Before I could even take one step towards the super hard parkour (which Blair had completed in before I could even complete checkpoint 1 *insert fuming emoji here*), I suddenly got warped to… a game of 2v2 duels?!?

“Dylan.” I warned, exploring around the unfamiliar map. Duels was not part of the plan.

Suddenly, something flashy caught my eye at the edge of the platform. Intrigued, I spun my mouse around to reveal a bright yellow hologram pulsing steadily. The Daily Wins Leaderboard. Wait a sec… was that… Electr0demadnes? ON THE LEADERBOARD???

(Sorry Electrode I just had to put you here even though I know you’re nowhere close to being on the Duels leaderboard *wink* although I don’t think I should be talking)

But before I could get the chance to take a closer look, the vague clicking sounds of the countdown interrupted me.





Apparently, this time, Blair was on my team. I mean, I was pretty bad at the game, but I was literally BETTER than her. Or so I thought...

Okay, fine, I have to admit. I did beat Zak at one game. But I only beat him 5-4. And anyways, there was no muffin way that Blair would be able to beat Dylan. No muffin way.

The first thing that I did was my usual strategy. Of course, Blair already knew this, but she refused to tell me hers.

“Blair. TELL ME YOUR STRATEGY! It’ll help us win. Correction: it will give us a 0.01 percent chance of winning compared to our 0 percent that we have now, because of you. JUST TELL ME!”

I could practically hear her rolling her eyes at me. “Sure, Callie. Sure. As if we didn’t already have a -0.01 chance, and that me telling you my strategy would actually make a difference.”

“STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! Wait, maybe YOU don’t have a strategy, that’s why you’re not telling me? Why don’t we actually try, and not look like idiots?”

“Looking like idiots. You should not be talking, Callie. Why don’t you shut your little mouth and give the impression that you’re an idiot rather than open it and remove all doubt?” I was so grateful that Dylan put us in a separate voice call.


“Just like Jax. Super hot temper, always mentioning something about muffins. I ship.”

That shut me up. “Fine. You don’t have to tell me your strategy, but we still have to at least try to win. Come on, Blair. You know I know-“

I heard another mystery “ping” from Discord“Fine. Let’s try.” she huffed. Finally, we could agree on something.

I checked the clock. Uh-oh… our little argument had given them a head start of exactly three seconds, or so the timer on my screen said.


Forget it. They were already far ahead enough. I dug my short fingernails onto Control, W, and Space, and clicked so fast my hands were vibrating. Pressing F5 momentarily, to look behind me, I saw Blair doing something I would never have guessed. She was blocking the guys, placing at least ten blocks per second to stop them from approaching our goal. Yes, you read that right. Ten blocks per second. In the distance of the Discord call, I could hear her mouse going brrrrrrrr, like before. Suddenly, it hit me. Who would have known she could DRAG CLICK?

Maybe her brother had taught her. Maybe he had trained her.

But then how did I win the 1v1? Did she let me win?

NO TIME FOR DAYDREAMING, I told myself. This isn’t the time to daydream (see what I did there?). This is the time to WIN.

Blair was still busy placing blocks at lightning speed to block Zak and Dylan off. I was this close to getting to their base. But then, I heard two faint dings in the background.

5K3PPY_V2 was killed by ManBigPog42069.

Electr0demadnes was knocked into the void by ManBigPog42069.




But this meant that I had to escape those two. Sure, I could easily take down Zak. But Dylan? Not a chance.

Unfortunately for me, they spotted me immediately. Dylan came for me first. He sprinted around, chasing me around the base. Frantically, I squeezed the keyboard harder to try to escape him. Meanwhile, Zak was coming for our base. Again, I used F5 to my advantage. Turns out, behind me, there was a small hole where I could jump into. And that’s exactly what I did.

@CallieCaca scored! 1-0.

“Turns out you’re… better than I thought.” Me and Blair told each other at the exact same time.

Awkward silence.

But this time, we already had a plan. Even without speaking, we knew what we each had to do. I was going to go for the goal while Blair would defend the base and try to kill them. Obviously, because it suddenly seemed that she was… better at PvP???

Anyway, I kept doing my job. I jumped right over the guys’ heads. But they weren’t stupid, unlike SOME PEOPLE. They did the worst thing that they could have possibly done. They jumped into the void. Both of them. And I got killed within seconds. Classic Dylan.

This time, Blair took over my role. She rushed towards Zak and Dylan. Without using blocks under her. She slayed them both in less time (without losing a single heart) than I had been killed by THEM. If I didn’t know better, I would have accused her of hacking. But if I had accused her, it would have been a compliment. And trust me, I did not want to compliment her.

And then, before I knew it. @ManBigPog42069 scored! 2-0.

If she wasn’t in my team, I would have screamed at her. Oh wait, I did that already a page ago.

During the next few minutes, neither of us scored a goal, but neither of them scored either. It was just a sweaty mess of keyboards being smashed and half-broken mice and screens freezing. Pretty much, it was all fun and games until Blair scored a goal, and I don’t think anyone, especially me, expected that.

We all went into full tryhard mode. I managed to actually kill Dylan once (!!!!!!!!!), and I also managed to kill Zak a couple of times. While I was trying to handle them, I could see Blair running off into the sunset to their base, where their goal was. And then, again.

@ManBigPog42069 scored! 3-0.

I just wanted to score for once. I just wanted to do something important for once. I just wanted to do something.

But really, this time I wanted to score. I tried to drag click and make my mouse go brrrr like Blair’s had. Trying to use the friction of my finger on the surface of the mouse, and trying to visualize how she would have done it, really helped. And surprisingly, it worked ON THE SPOT. From 8 clicks per second to 18. Not bad. Just like ninja bridging, actually. I was able to kill Dylan, AGAIN.

Ding! Electr0demadnes was knocked into the void by CallieCaca. Not a 5-0. But better than before.

I wasn’t surprised, though. I had mastered ninja bridging and created my own bridging technique in the same Bed Wars game. And I was ready to start drag clicking.

Apparently, drag clicking made it so much easier to place blocks under me as I ran. Plus, it made a super satisfying sound. As well as that, it raised the chances of me killing Dylan and Zak.

This time, I was ready to score. As I was running along the bridge, Dylan tried to knock me off. However, I was too quick for him. My mouse went brrrr once again, and…

Ding! Electr0demadnes was killed by CallieCaca. Again.

Knocking them off the bridge one by one, I was on a roll. I kept killing them easily. Until I looked down at my hotbar. I was on half a heart. I completely forgot to eat golden apples. And I completely, utterly forgot to score.

So I ran away, back to the bridge itself. Neither of them even saw me, so I took my time to eat a golden apple. And then, I scored, just out of reach of Zak.

@CallieCaca scored! 4-0.

This time, both me and Blair went for the goal. Lucky for us, Blair had already covered the goal with multiple layers of blocks, so it would be really hard to infiltrate our base. On top of that, she turned on something around the lines of “toggle sprint”. At least, that’s what I saw. I hoped it was a good thing.

The goal drew closer. 10 blocks… 5 blocks… 4… 3… 2… 1…

@CallieCaca and @ManBigPog42069 scored! 5-0! VICTORY!

Wait, what? WAIT, WHAT!? Three seconds later, I fell out of my epic gaming chair with a roblox-like “oof”.


Blair was trying not to laugh. I got it. WE BEAT THEM! I could practically hear her muffled breathing through the microphone.

Then, I heard a sniffle. Huh? Was she CRYING? Blair, CRYING? Why? How? What the muffin was going on?

“Blair? Are you… okay?”

She let out a strangled sob. Blair did not look like the type of person to cry.

“I-I’m fine.” In between her words, I could hear her sniffles. I could tell she was trying to hide it. This was the first time I had seen her let her tough defenses down and just start to let it go.

Ding! Ding! Two bleeps echoed. Dylan and Zak had joined the call.

“B, are you okay?” I could hear the concern in Dylan’s voice. I could tell they had some sort of… relation? Like, he knew her better than I did, so he probably, sort of knew what was going on.

She took three deep, stuttered breaths, then let out a slow sigh. “No, I’m not.”

Then she started sobbing.

“Okay. B. Leave the call. Now.” Dylan was firm but gentle, and Blair obeyed. “Zak, Callie, I’m coming right back. I’ll be on mute for a while.

He didn’t mute. We could hear EVERYTHING he said I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but my burning curiosity won. Turning Dylan’s volume to 200% on Discord and my computer volume to 100%, I tried to make out what he was doing.

“-told me I could never do it.” Blair sniffed. BLAIR? Wha- “He’s like the most POPULAR Minecraft YouTuber. With, like, 23 million subscribers. And I wanted to be just like him, but after the fork stream, you know, with Tommy? He told me-” Blair let out an enraged sob.

“B. I know.”

“No, YOU DO NOT! We’re literally twins, but I know as a fact that he treats you better than he treats me, just because you’re *inaudible*. And it’s so unfair how-”

“Unfair? I never get to participate in the Dream SMP! I never got to be in any one of his streams!”

“Yeah, but at least you didn’t get *inaudible* not pog.”

“B, it’s better to be insulted than to be completely ignored. You know that, right?”

Then, I heard something shattering, and stomping footsteps. I couldn’t hear any more of their voices. Then, I heard a quiet but strong voice.

“But I proved him wrong. I proved Clay wrong. I finally proved Clay wrong.”

There were so many things wrong with those sentences.

23 million subscribers.

Fork stream with Tommy.



All the pieces fell right into place.

One word came to mind. One word.

Dylan was Blair’s twin sister.

Which meant that Dylan was Dream’s younger brother.

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