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12-17 year olds in Quebec can NOW GET THE COVID-19 VACCINE!!! TODAY!!!

12-17 year olds in Quebec can NOW GET THE COVID-19 VACCINE!!! TODAY!!!

Two of my friends have it already!


Sorry for the SDRJTFUJKGYYRFGSUHTHDSK! I just couldn’t control myself. But instead of using my keyboard as a punching bag, let’s jump straight to the facts. After all, this isn’t a clickbait article. Yeah. Not clickbait. Definitely.

A few weeks ago, I published an article about how the Pfizer vaccine for the 12-17 age group was approved by our government. Now, it’s being distributed. Starting today.

Most people in this age group, which represents 530,000 people or six per cent of Quebec’s population, will receive their first dose by June 23, Health Minister Christian Dubé announced Thursday.

Believe it or not, I have one friend in my class (shoutout to Constantine!) who just got vaccinated at Montreal’s Trudeau airport. I also have another friend who made an appointment to get vaccinated on Tuesday (shoutout to Zoe!).

For most Quebecers in the 12-17 age group, the second dose will be given before the next academic year begins. According to Premier François Legault, we are counting on (12 to 17-year-olds) to help us reach 75 per cent immunization coverage faster.

As I said in my article saying that partially vaccinated Canadians can socialize outside this summer, 75 per cent of the population being vaccinated is our goal to be able to enjoy camping, hiking, picnics, small backyard BBQs and drinks on a patio.

If you’re in the age group of 12-17, I envy you. Me, and most members of CookyLela News, won’t be turning twelve in a really long time. But anyways, we’re happy for you!

On an unrelated note, thank you so, so, SO much for all the support you’re giving us by reading our articles! Recently, we learned that four consecutive articles that were written got five hundred views each. When I received the news, I asked Elena and Tay to check, and it was true, two thousand views distributed over four articles. I didn’t get the chance to say thank you in an article, since I was busy with my gaming PC article. This is why it might seem like I have disappeared lately. Anyway, here I am now! Thank you so much for this many views. Every time you read an article matters, and I just have to thank you for that.

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