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Why I Love School

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Why I Love School - By Felicia

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

School, to me, is many things. If I had to write an article about every single one of them, the article would be way too long... But that’s exactly what this article is aiming for: writing an article about what school means to me, while keeping it short & sweet! Let’s begin.

Firstly, every day before school starts, I would wake up at precisely 6:45 AM. Since February, I haven’t woken up before 7! Now, every day, I wake up at around 9, and even then, I have to be dragged out of bed… Waking up super early is something that I miss about school days.

Secondly, my school has a uniform: for girls, it’s a blue/white collared shirt, a red tie, a purple checkered skirt or dress, navy blue socks or tights, black shoes, and a blazer. Several times during my time at school, I wished there was a more comfortable uniform. But in reality, this dress code gives me comfort and makes me feel “at home at school”, you know?

Thirdly, every school day, for breakfast, I would devour some delicious homemade pancakes that my mom would make for me. They are super healthy! I will provide the recipe as soon as I can, they are really delicious too. The pancakes are thin, crunchy and buttery, but I stopped eating them for some reason after March break. They are comfort food for me, and I really miss it!

Fourthly, my dad would always drive me to school in our car. We would always listen to the radio! Every Wednesday, on the radio, it was Joke Day. We would listen to jokes in the car on Wednesdays and regular news on the other days. Sadly, this is not possible at home, because at home, the radio station we listened to, 92.9, plays static.

Fifthly, in class, I would be with all my friends. Not being with my classmates for SIX WHOLE MONTHS made me feel a bit lonely… until we started this newspaper, of course! Still, I used to see my classmates every day, and abruptly stopping the rhythm really had a big impact on me. There’s only three days until school starts, though, so I tell myself, “hang in there!”

That was my morning routine. The change in my morning routine impacted me the most, but the rest of my day impacted me a lot, too.

English Class

My english teacher, Ms. De Toni, is very compassionate, thoughtful and sympathetic. In grade 5, what I learned the most was reviewing books in the “Book Talks” we did throughout the year, and writing a story. I used the book reviewing techniques in the newspaper and the story writing technique in my book, Le dilemme de Herobrine, which I’ll publish by the end of September. This was a tough year, but you got me through it!

French Class

Madame Robitaille, my amazing, kind-hearted and extraordinary French teacher, really helped me improve my writing, reading, comprehension and many more aspects of French! Most of all, she guided me in practicing for the Dictee PGL, which, a few months later, I won! I can’t describe how much I’m grateful for Madame Robitaille’s help!

Math Class

Math class has always been one of my favorite classes, and that's all thanks to Ms. Rashotte, my exceptional and unique math teacher. Thank you for supporting me during this difficult but interesting school year! I wake up each morning with a smile because I have an amazing teacher like you. Thanks so much for being awesome! 🙂

Science Class

There are no words to describe M. Bérubé, my supercalifragilisticexpialidociously amazing science teacher! M. Bérubé was my homeroom teacher in grade 3, and since then, he was my science teacher. I feel oh, so lucky to have him for my teacher! He is an incredible and outstanding teacher who deserves as much applause as he can get! You are, hands down, the best teacher I've ever had. Thank you!

Art Class

Madame Camu is simply the best art teacher in the world! Since she arrived at my school, she has been continuing to rapidly improve my art skills. Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days, and I’ll never forget the skills you taught me in art class. Teaching must be a rewarding job because you are always smiling, energetic, and ready to start a new day! Thanks for everything.

Music Class

As students, many teachers and educators will pass through our lives without remembrance. Yet, a special few will leave a lasting impression. Thank you, Ms. Clarke, for being one of the special educators who will live on forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose lives you have touched. I have always loved music, and you have strengthened my passion for it. Again, thank you so much, Ms. Clarke, for everything.

Gym Class

Madame Manseau and Mr. Murphy, thank you so much for all of your energy, patience, and understanding in P. E. I still remember how I used to always be the last one in endurance runs! But you motivated me. You speeded me up and now, looking back, I see how much I’ve improved - thanks to you! You have worked so hard in shaping me into the student I am today. I thank you for being such an amazing teacher!

Everyone Else

If I haven’t mentioned you yet, never fear, I still notice you, respect you, and know you exist! Please note that I am very grateful for everything you’ve all done for me. Everyone at school has made an impact on me, and words can’t describe how thankful I am!

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