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Who was born in November?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Who was born in November? - By Elena

And who wants to know who their spirit animal is?!

When you are born between October 23 and November 21 your spirit animal is a… ELEPHANT!

And when you are born between November 22 and december 21 your spirit animal is …. and PRZEWALSKI HORSE!

If your birthday is not on these dates here is the rest….

For December 22 -January 19 it’s an elephant shrew

for January 20 till February 18 it’s : dolphin 

For February 19 till March 20: seahorse

For March 21 till April 19:cheetah

For April 20 till May 20: polar bear 

For May 21 till June 20: fox

For June 21 till July 22: tortoise

For July 23 till August 22: lion

For August 23 till September 22: mandrill

September 23 till October 22: gray wolf

These are all the animals if you wanna know more.

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