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What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?


Twitter was created by a guy named Jack Dorsey (1976-) in 2006. The first tweet (he sent it) on March 21, 2006, saying, “just setting up my twttr”. There are currently 284 million monthly active Twitter users, or Tweeters. There are also 500 million Tweets sent a day. But sometimes, people aren’t Tweeting about stuff like makeup or concerts, or whatever they chat about. These aren’t the only things that they are tweeting about. News can be shared with others on Twitter. For example, when US Airways made an emergency crash landing in the freezing cold Hudson river due to a bird strike (bird strike is when bird(s) fly into a plane engine, sometimes causing an engine malfunction), it was shared on Twitter. The post included a photo of the boat-plane and was before the news started to report it.

Tweets are the expression of ideas or thoughts of a moment. Tweets can contain text, words, or videos, with the maximum amount of characters in a Tweet being 140. Users can both like, follow, and read other Twitter user’s accounts and send messages to each other.

With Twitter, you can read up on info or facts from certain politicians, celebrities, or governmental officials, with things that the news will not report.

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