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What is in the Tasty Haribo Starmix Pack?

What is in the Tasty Haribo Starmix Pack?


The Haribo Starmix Pack is a great snack for hikes, a backseat snack, or even just a tasty treat to have. There are sooooooooooooooooo many types of gummies in there. But what are those gummies? Today I will share with you the 5 Haribo Starmix Gummies.

  1. Classic Gold Bears- The little original Haribo gummy bears are in this pack. They are simple, yet delicious.

  2. Twin snakes- These snakes are twins Excuse me. Opposite twins. One is sweet, the other is sour. But together, they are appetizing.

  3. Happy Cola- These gummies taste like Coca Colas, but in a gummy! They taste so good, I prefer them over the REAL Cokes.

  4. Happy Cherries- These gummies are really sweet. They are flavorful, but with 2 cherries, they are GOOD!

  5. Gummy Rings- These rings are good for proposing… for taste buds! They are a popular one with my friends, they are wearing them instead of eating them. But then they can’t resist, so they gobble them up!

If you have tried the Haribo Starmix, like the article and check out Lol’s recipe on how to make your own delicious gummies here.

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