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What Christmas is gonna feel like with COVID-19…

What Christmas is gonna feel like with COVID-19… - By Elena

We all know what Christmas is!

Well we don’t know what Christmas will feel like in Christmas so that is what I am gonna talk about!

For Christmas I usually go to Florida at the beach and enjoy life!

This time it’s different because of Covid-19…

But let’s not get sad!

We DO still have Christmas!

Our family was thinking of going to a nice chalet!

Even if it’s not the same thing as a nice beach in Florida it’s still better than nothing!

For now we saw a pretty cool chalet with an indoor pool!

Well for you guys it might be different…

You guys might stay at home and just open your gifts without going on vacation or something…

Well don’t worry guys because life is very good and this Covid-19 problems will hopefully go away soon!

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