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Vaccination nation - By Tay

Vaccination nation - By Tay

Americans are rushing to get vaccinated as cases spread

During this pandemic, what do you think most people want to do? Hang out with friends, hold a birthday party, or go on a vacation. A few months ago, that was what everyone wanted to do. But now, the only thing that Americans want to do is

Get the Vaccine

My dad got his Pfizer Vaccine on March 8th. He spent weeks waking up at 4 in the morning, looking at myturn and CVS and Rite Aid. He finally found one the night before his appointment. Then there is paperwork and paperwork and paperwork and more paperwork. Then there is the excitement of getting it, and right before you get it, you forget one thing.

Side Effects.

So right now, my dad is feeling sleepy and has a sore arm. The side effects that I think will bother my dad is not being able to type as many words in this article and how much work he can do.

That’s all for today CookyLela News Fans!

The beginning of this article credits toward The Economist

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