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Thousands protest in Cuba against the Government

Thousands protest in Cuba against the Government


Credit to NBC News

Protests in Cuba have flared up across the country with thousands of people protesting against the governmental ways saying “We are not afraid” and “We want freedom”.

These demonstrations appeared at an era during the fall of the Soviet Union (modern-day Russia) causing Cuba to suffer the worst economic crisis. This caused protests against political opponents and a suffering health system during the Coronavirus Pandemic reporting 7,000 new cases and 47 deaths which set a record for the nation of a population of just over 11 million people.

Protests have been seen throughout the States. In Little Havana, located in Miami Florida (New Florida sports news Montreal Canadiens get completely obliterated by Tampa Bay Lightning in 4-1 Stanley Cup Finals) protests to free the Cuban people have started to flare up in support of the neighboring country. “Right now it’s hard. There’s no food, there’s no medicine. The Covid outbreak. The whole country is in the streets,” one Miami resident, Darío Suárez, said.

Protests started on Sunday in the province of Artemisa, adjacent to the capital of Cuba, Havana. In a few hours, the protest spread to the east of the country.

Residents taking to social media, currently very new to civilians because of the communist government spreading the hashtag= #SOSCUBA launched and fuelled on Twitter has been shared by celebrities.

Miguel Díaz-Canel blames the United States for the unrest.

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