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The White-tailed Deer

The White-tailed Deer


Deers are mammals. In the summer, deers have thick, wirey, stiff, reddish brown coats. Deers get ready for the winter in late August by changing a summer coat with a thick, grayish blue coat. An average grown male deer is 38 inches tall or just under one meter from its hoofs to its shoulders. White-tailed deer can weigh 100-300 pounds.

Deer live on the continent of North America. Deer live in the woods and brushlands. A deer will stay close to its territory, which is about a mile. A deer does not build a burrow, den, or nest as a home/ They only bed down in places that look safe.

Deer are diurnal (day) animals. They can run as fast as a horse. Deer can jump as high as two cars which are about 3 meters or 10 feet high. They do not hibernate or migrate.

Deer are herbivores (plant-eaters). In the spring, they like to eat plants and grasses. In autumn (fall), deers eat mushrooms and acorns. Deer’s favorite treats are apples. Some animals that eat deer are wolves and cougars as predators (meat-eaters).

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