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Hey everyone! I’m back from a 5 day school trip from Yosemite National Park. It is a park in California that is preserved for its natural beauty. This article will tell you about my time in Yosemite and I strongly recommend going just for fun!

So first, we went to Yosemite Falls (in the photo above). It has 3 parts, the top, middle, and bottom. Since the falls are so big (number 4 in the world!), it looks like the water is falling in slow motion. We saw some bears and a deer so that was pog.

We looked at macroinvertebrates. They are the tiny little bugs and worms that live in the water. They looked like little, scaled down versions of lobster, slugs, and worms. They were really cool and they are in any river, you just have to look!.

We hiked 15 miles one day (including the night program, walking back and from camp, to meals, games, and much more, not just the hike). We hiked past Vernal and Nevada falls. The steps are really slippery because of all the mist.. We saw the back of half dome at the top of the John Muir trail. (I think that is the name)

This was really fun to do. I recommend going to Yosemite because of the history, views, and culture. We learned about the 7 native tribes who lived there way before the European settlers came and forced them out to make the land their own.

I would like to say a special thank you to the Yosemite Park Rangers, The National Park Group, Nature Bridge (formerly known as Yosemite Institute) and Aramark, for providing delicious meals (send me the recipe for those French Toast Sticks) and beautiful cabins.

See ya later people!

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