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The US Election Is On: Part 3

The US Election Is On: Part 3 - By Felicia

The long and intense election campaign is finally drawing to an end. Millions of people in the United States will either be voting to re-elect Trump or choose Biden as their next president for another four years. 

Now, I’m going to try to update live, but it might not be possible. Stay tuned, though! 

So, who will win? The number to remember on election night is 270: that’s the number of Electoral College Trump or Biden needs to win the presidency. Each state has a certain number of seats based on how many legislators it has in Congress.


Nov 3, 17:16

So far, the Democrats (Biden’s party) are in the lead with 35 seats in the Senate, and the Republicans (Trump’s party) will have to get used to second place with 30 seats. To win, one of the parties will have to obtain 51 seats. 

Nov 4, 07:48

After waking up and checking the hundreds of notifications on my phone, we can see a similar pattern. Biden has 238 seats while Trump has 213. As I said before, one of them needs 270 seats to win. However, there is a good chance that Trump will win. Checking back again after school!

Nov 4, 16:05

All right, I’m back from school! Trump has captured Texas and Florida while Biden has won New Hampshire and Minnesota. As well as that, the Democrats (Biden’s party) has 248 seats, an increase of 10 in the last few hours, while the Republicans (Trump’s party) have 214 seats, an increase of a meager 1 seat. 

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