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The Run, The Final Installment

The Run, The Final Installment - By Felicia

“Dennis. Dennis!”

Dennis awoke with a start. He whirled around to face the back of the truck, and there was Anna, trying to restrain her leg with her hand, while the other hand was trying to pry it off.

“Hang on, Anna! We’re almost there.”

“I’m trying my best!”

After a few hours of torture for all four of them, they finally arrived at the radio station. There, they saw a man lugging an enormous speaker playing bluegrass. The music was so loud that Dennis could feel his teeth vibrating! They all knew who this was, even without proper introduction: Petey Coltrain… wearing a partially destroyed lab coat and cracked goggles. He glanced over at the kids, then hesitantly gestured at them to follow him inside the building. As they entered the massive building, a large red ball of slime bombed Anna in the face, knocking over all four kids like dominoes.

“What was that?!” exclaimed Anna.

“Oh, that,” said Petey. “Just a possible antidote for a zombie bite.”

In fact, Anna’s face started to turn purple, then, slowly, her whole body started to expand and turn purple at the same time. She started to float upwards, and, slowly, Anna hit the chandelier. The pointy, pink and purple chandelier pointed Anna downwards and PLONK! She hit the ground and began to deflate and recolor. With a red glint in her eyes, she lunged towards Petey with a piece of the chandelier. The bluegrass player was quicker, though, and he threw a green and watery slime at her. This again knocked everyone over like dominoes. Anna, still furious, sprinted towards Petey. This time, Petey wasn’t so fast. The moment Anna touched him, his eyes turned glassy and he fell to the ground. Anna smiled icily and gazed at Mac, Dennis, and Jeremiah. The three boys each quickly grabbed different balls of slime.

“3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!”

The three balls collided and hit Anna. In that moment, all traces of her zombie self disappeared. Her eyes went back to normal, and her purple leg went back to normal in a flash.


Once Petey had been woken up, they all got to work making more slime balls. In no time, the whole world had been cured by slime balls. They all glanced at one another and shared a look as the gravity of the situation dawned on them. They had just saved the world.

The End.

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