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The Roman Empire Republic

The Roman Empire Republic

By Tay

Just to be clear this is NOT about the Roman Empire.

The Roman Republic’s foundation was laid in 509 BCE. It was a hierarchical society, with 2 social classes: The patricians (ruling class and the plebeians (plebeians are everyone else/normal people). Some of the Roman’s first struggles were having to deal with other big civilizations, such as Carthage, Egypt, and the Greek Civilizations. Carthage, a civilization with most of its land in North Africa, besides some small islands in the Mediterranean, wanted an island called Sicily. The Romans fought with them, and they eventually won. This was one of the many victories of the Roman Republic and by 133 BCE, The Roman Republic ruled most of the Mediterranean. Success went on until a civil war occurred from 88-30 BCE. During this war, Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BCE. After that, they had an emperor, Augustus in 27 BCE. This marks the end of the Roman Republic, but with Augustus as the new emperor, this event is the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Roman Empire.

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Sorry for the title. The word "empire" was supposed to have a crossed out line from a text generator I found but it didn't work.

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