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The Adventures Of Sass Class - Preview

The Adventures Of Sass Class - Preview - By Felicia

Hi everyone! I’m starting to write a middle school fiction novel. It will be called “The Adventures Of Sass Class - Book 1: The Ventouse Republic”. Here’s a preview of what I’ve done so far:


Hi. I’m Nicki. An ordinary girl going to an ordinary school, in an ordinary world.

Actually, scratch that. For two years already, a virus called COVID-19 has pretty much invaded our world. So, a scarred and bruised world.

My school? Well, let’s just say that my class, the Sass Class, is “unique”. There are a few groups of people in the Sass Class: the TikTok girls who dance and sing all the time, the gamer guys who play Minecraft and Among Us every second of their lives, the nerds who love homework and who always get perfect marks, and the “talkatubbies” who talk about the weirdest things. But weirdest of all, my class is a country.

Yep, you heard me right. My class is a full-on country, with a government that I’ll go into more depth later, and three cities: Don’t get in trouble town, Lamplan, and the Sass City. I’m a citizen of Don’t get in trouble town. Speaking of myself, am I a normal girl? Do I live a normal life? Actually, I won’t tell you. You’ll find out soon enough.


RELEASE DATE: April-May 2021

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