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Hey Guys! Today we are going to be talking about the 7 wonders of the world. These 7 wonders are things that are important and beautiful to all of the world. And since summer is coming up, you could use this as travel information so you can plan a beautiful trip to one of the places.

Let’s start!

1. Great Wall of China

  1. Location- China

  2. Age- About 3,000 years

  3. Cool Fact- The Great Wall of China spans a whopping 13,171 miles across the Chinese country.

2. Chichen Itza

  1. Location- Yucatan, Mexico

  2. Age- 1,500 years

  3. Cool Fact- Snake Statues all over the monument represent the snake god Quetzalcoatl.

3. Petra

  1. Location- Jordan

  2. Over 2,000 years

  3. Cool Fact- It was called “The Lost City” because a Swiss traveler found it after pretending to be an Arab who was making a sacrifice at the tomb of the Prophet Aaron.

4. Machu Picchu

  1. Location- Peru

  2. Age- About 570 years

  3. Cool Fact- You can take a hike on the Mountain Machu which takes 4 days!

5. Christ the Redeemer

  1. Location- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  2. Age- 80 years

  3. Cool Fact- This statue is almost 100 feet tall, which is close to the length of a blue whale!

6. Colosseum

  1. Location- Rome, Italy

  2. Age- 1,951 years

  3. Cool Fact- This building was the largest ancient world colosseum, but it is still the biggest outdoor amphitheater in the world despite its age.

7. Taj Mahal

  1. Location- India

  2. Age- 390 years

  3. Cool Fact- The emperor, Shah Jahan, built the Taj Mahal in memory of his dead wife. So this means that the Taj Mahal is really a big tomb.

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