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Teen in Ottawa creates a duct tape prom dress

Teen in Ottawa creates a duct tape prom dress

By Lela S.

You can fix anything with duct tape. An Ottawa teen, Erika Avellaneda, is taking this saying to a whole new level.

The Stuck at Prom scholarship is unlike other scholarships where you have to write essays. Instead, high schoolers across North America are given the chance to win ten thousand dollars by making a tuxedo or dress entirely out of duct tape.

Erika worked for about 143 hours on this beautiful duct tape dress. “It was a hard process. A lot of sitting down and working, but it was worth it.” The dress is made of $100 worth of duct tape, 17 rolls, and weighs about six pounds.

To help Erika win the top prize, visit the Stuck at Prom website to cast your vote!

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